Wednesday, February 3, 2016

AP SAMKALPAM 30 or 45 days Monitoring Program Special Visit format with 89 items In Schools From 20.01.2016 to 20.03.2016.

Andhra Pradesh AP SAMKALPAM – 30 or 45 days Monitoring Program For MDM and Other Issues Visiting Teams to Schools From 20.01.2016 to 20.03.2016.

As per instructions of our State Project Director, SSA, Hyderabad “SAMKALPAM” an innovative monitoring system is to be conducted in every District of Andhra Pradesh. A tentative 30 or 45days schedule was proposed between 20.01.2016 to 20.03.2016. The formation of teams in District Level,is as specified in earlier information given. Accordingly 3groups having 5 Sectoral Officers in each, must be formed and conduct the program in a fruitful manner. These 3 teams will go to 3mandals in the District and after reaching the mandal, 5 Sectoral Officers must join 5 Complex chairmen and 5 MRG’s /CRP’s, so as to form 5 teams, each team with (One Secotral Officer + One School Complex HM + One MRG). These 5 teams will go to schools before assembly time and monitor the school by using “SAMKALPAM Special Visit format” with 89 items up to MDM and then to Second school. Like this each team visits 2 schools and 5teams will monitor 10 schools randomely. Selection of schools also to be done by DPO only.

  • In this way, totally 30 X 30 = 900 schools will be covered at the end of this academic year.
  • Teams must reach the mandal point before 8 AM on the day of visit, to plan and Visit in a proper way.
  • As provisions like breakfast & lunch are met by “SAMKALPAM TEAM” there is no need to depend on anybody and monitoring will be transparent.
  • In the evening after 3pm It is to conduct HMs meeting in the mandal for reviewing the performance of schools visited. MEO of that mandal also to be advised on some common points observed in majority of schools. Schools which were selected as Excellent & Best Schools must be appreciated in a program conducted in District Level.
  • In West Godavari nearly 250 teachers were appreciated & honoured by District Collector & Chairman, SSA in a District Level Program which has immense effect and motivation among teachers.

Project Officer,

SSA, W.G., Eluru.



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