Friday, 2 February 2018

SSC Slow learners Maths Material Module for Grade C,D Students.

SSC Slow learners Improvement Study Material/Modules for C,D Grade/Group Slow learners material for preparation SSC Public Examinations well performance and Improving marks action plan prepared Siddipet District School Educational and Subject Expert's.
Siddipeta District SSC Slow learners Maths Material/Modules for Paper-1/Paper-2 C,D Grade Improvement Study Material Download.

This Module is developed by

  • Sri. S .Yadava Reddy - Mandal Educational Officer, Mandal: Thoguta.
  • Sri. J. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy - SA Maths/HM, ZPHS Kondapur,Mandal: Mirdoddi .
  • Sri. P. Ashok Reddy - SA Maths ,GHS Paripally, Mandal:Siddipet Urban .
  • Sri. Ch. Vijender Reddy - SA Maths ,ZPHS Sirsinagandla, Mandal:Kondapak .
  • Sri. E Srinivas - SA Maths ,ZPHS Singannaguda, Mandal:Mulugu .
  • Sri. Y. Thirupathi - SA Maths ,ZPHS Gurralagondi, Mandal:Siddipet Rural .
  • Sri. R. Srinivas Reddy - SA Maths ,ZPHS Jangapally, Mandal:Mirdoddi .
  • Sri. A.Narotham Reddy - SA Maths ,ZPHS Duuddeda, Mandal:Kondapak .
  • Sri. M.Madhusudhan - SA Maths ,ZPHS Chellapur, Mandal:Dubbak .
  • Sri. N. Chandra Reddy - SA Maths ,ZPHS Akkannapet, Mandal:Akkannapet .
  • Sri. Ch. Maheshwer  - SA Maths ,ZPHS Samudrala, Mandal:Koheda .
  • Sri. V. Ajay Kumar Reddy - SA Maths ,ZPHS Ahmadipur, Mandal:Gajw

SSC Slow learners Mathematics Modules for Improvement Study material for C,D Grade/Group Slow learners material/ Modules Download in below links.


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