Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ANDHRA PRADESH HMs ACCOUNT TEST Notification Dec- 2015 And Download Application.

ANDHRA PRADESH HMs ACCOUNT TEST Notification Dec- 2015. And Download Application.

  1. Note:- (1) Before filing the form the candidates should carefuly read the instructions printed overleaf and
  2. act acordingly.
  3. (2) Aplications should reach the concerned District Educational Oficers on or before the last date pre-scribed for the payment of fes through the proper chanel.

Fee Particulars:-

Without fine : 20-11-15

With fine : 26-11-15

Exam dates:

PAPER 1: 30-12-15

PAPER 2: 31-12-15.


  • (1) Forms containing incomplete and incorect particulars are liable to be rejected.
  • (2) Hal tickets wil be dispatched direct o the candidates.
  • (3) The fe for the examination is Rs. 150/- and the prescribed fe may be paid into the Treasury or Bank to the
  • Head of Acount.
  • (4) The fe once paid wil neither be refunded nor reserved for a subsequent examination under any circum- stances.
  • (5) In submiting the aplications for admision to the examination the candidate wil be demed to have given
  • an undertaking that he/she wil abide by al rules now in force and those to be brought into efect hereafter.
  • (6) The center should be one of those mentioned in the notification invitng aplications and the center selected
  • shal be one where the candidate resides or where he is employed or if that is not a center, the center nearest
  • to it.

Get Download HMs ACCOUNT TEST Notification Dec- 2015 - Click Here.



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