Thursday, December 22, 2016

AP SA-II Exams Time Table Scheduled January-2017.

AP Summative Assessment Test -2/SA-II Examination Time Table From 2-1-2017 to 10-1-2017 Pongal Holly Days from 11-01-2017 to 19-01-2017 as per R.C.NO:03 Dated:21-12-2016>>AP SA-2 Assessment Test for Summative Test-2 January-2017 Examination Time Table Scheduled Download>>AP Summative Esxaminations Class Ist to Vth(1st to 5th) Primery Section/6th to 10th(VIth to Xth)Higher Section Classess Time Table Scheduled Download As per R.c.NO:03.

AP SA-2 Exams Time Table Scheduled January-2017.

Sub: SCERT, AP Hyderabad – School Education Department – Common Summative Examination - Summative Assessment Test – II Examinations Time Table from 2-1-2017 to 10-1-2017 Communication Order as per R.C.NO:03 Dated:21-12-2016.

Proc. Rc. 3/B/C&T/ SCERT/2016, Dated: 21-12-2016.


G.O.Ms.No. 82, School Edn (Prog.II) Dept, dated: 29.10.2015 From JS to C.M., CMP No. 1315/JS/2015, dated 02.01.2016
Govt. Memo.No. 124632/Prog-II/A1/2016, dated: 13.01.2016.
G.O.Ms.No. 12 School Edn (Prog.II) Dept, dated: 25.02.2016
From the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No.302/A&I/ 2015, dated 26.02.2016.
G.O.Ms.No. 20, School Edn. (Prog. II), Dept, dated 28-3-2016 as per Proc. Rc. 3/B/C&T/ SCERT/2016 Dated: 21-12-2016.

All the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby informed that as per reference cited Common Summative Examination is being conducted in all the Primary and High schools from class I to X under all managements. In this connection all the District Educational Officers are informed to conduct Common Summative Examination –II as per the TimeTable which is annexed.

Further all the District Educational Officers are informed to communicate the same time table to all schools under all managements in their respective District. And it is further informed that All the District Educational Officers set ground preparation of 5% validation of answer scripts in time schedule by following previous guidelines as per 
R.C.NO:03 Dated:21-12-2016.


Prof. M.V.Rajyalakshmi




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