Wednesday 30 December 2015

AP G.O:573 Hold Convocation Day and Annual Day as a mega event at Universities/Colleges - Certain Guidelines and Orders.

AP G.O:573 Convocation Day and Annual Day as a mega event at Universities/Colleges - Certain Guidelines and Orders.
AP G.O:573 Convocation Day and Annual Day as a mega event at Universities/Colleges - Certain Guidelines and Orders.

Universities and Colleges in the State of Andhra Pradesh – Hold Convocation Day and Annual Day as a mega event at Universities/Colleges - Certain Guidelines and Orders – Issued.

HIGHER EDUCATION (UE) DEPARTMENT - G.O. Rt.No.573 Dated:30-12-2015
  1. 1. Instructions of Hon’ble C.M. on 8th December 2015 meeting at Vijayawada.
  2. 2. CMP No. 2118/GSP/2015, Dt. 4.12.2015.
  3. 3. CMP No. 1265/PSSC/2015, Dt. 22.12.2015.

1. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is keen on transforming the state into Knowledge state and Education hub. Towards this end, the Higher Education Department has been taking several steps to enhance the quality in educational institutions and also ensure modern learning methods in educational institutions. As part of these measures, instructions were already given to invite iconic personalities for convocation to inspire students.

2. In addition to the regular College/University activities, the following measures are recommended for immediate implementation in all Colleges and Universities in Andhra Pradesh.

3.The following days shall be celebrated once in an academic year and therefore should be done on a large scale involving all stakeholders. Convocation day: The Convocation day is a significant event in the life of students as they come out with their degrees and ready to fulfil their aspirations. Hence it is instructed to make this event memorable for students and parents. Colleges are instructed to invite successful and inspiring personalities like Scientists, Academicians, Social activists, Industrialists and Entrepreneurs for the event. The celebration should not be limited to single day and should include exhibitions on student works, best practices display, success stories and panel discussions involving students and parents. College day/Annual day/Sports day: Instead of celebrating in a routine manner, it is advised to design innovative ways of celebrating these days. Students should be completely involved in the execution of the programmes with due emphasis on innovation, creativity, local culture and ethics. The programme should establish rapport with the community and instil a sense of pride and confidence in students.  Parents and relatives of students may also be invited and involved in the programme.
Cultural day: This platform should create opportunities to students to showcase the culture and traditions through traditional attire and related activities. Parents meet: An exclusive day for parents with related programmes shall be conducted. Parents are to be invited to voice their opinions and suggestions. Parents of best students (academics, literary, cultural, sports, conduct, 100% attendance etc.,) are to be felicitated.Alumni meet: Alumni should be invited and involved in the college activities. Publicity should be given to the alumni who are contributing their services to the development of the institution. This day should be used to increase alumni support and should lead to increase in the alumni members. Staff and students should plan for this event and should be celebrated as a day of thanks and gratitude. Women’s day: A day long celebration should involve all women students in the college and successful women (Entrepreneurs, social activists, Professional, Industrialists) should be invited. Programmes should remind everyone our ancient culture of respecting women. The provisions in the laws, rights, success stories, Govt schemes and career opportunities should be highlighted through exhibitions, posters, paintings and other activities.

4.All the above initiatives are recommended for all round development of students and therefore the Principal and staff should conduct the above days in a befitting manner by inviting big Celebrities for the event and due publicity should be given to inspire other educational institutions for the benefit of the student community and in turn the society.

5.The University/College/Institute should coordinate with Tourism Department to promote Tourism among visiting parents/relatives of the students.


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