Saturday 9 January 2016

AP RC.NO: 4102 Revised Teachers Rationalisation of Various management Teachers Constitution Committee.

AP RC.NO: 4102 Revised Teachers Rationalisation of Various management Constitution Committee.
AP RC.NO: 4102 Revised Teachers Rationalisation of Various management Constitution Committee.

School Education – Rationalization of Schools, Posts and Staff Posts –Under various managements viz., Government, Zilla Parishad,Mandal Parishad Constitution of Committee - Reg.

  1. GO.MS.NO:55 Educational (services.III). Departmental , Dated:23.04.2011.
  2. GO.MS.NO:61 Educational(se-ser-III) Departmental Dated:16.05.2011.
  3. This office Lr.RC.No:25/Estt-III/2015. Dated:30.06.2015 addressed to Government.
  4. GO.MS.NO:39 Educational (ser-III) Department Dated:07.08.2015 to GO.MS.NO:51 Education (ser-III) Department Dated:07.08.2015 to respective District.

The Under mentioned officers are informed that Government have issued GO.MS.NO 55 Educational (ser-III) Department, Dated:23.04.2011 and GO.MS.NO 61 Educational (ser-III) Department, Dated:16.05.2011 Issued norms for Rationalization of schools , posts and staff under various management viz.. Government Zilla Prishad, Mandal Praja Parishad,Municipal Schools.

It is found that there are some schools who higher students strength vis-à-vis the sanctioned teachers posts and on the other  hand  some schools with uneconomic strength of students have more teachers.

Hence the department earlier constituted working group to examine teachers -pupil Ratio (TPR) at the state and district level at the school level and feit, it needs to be improved.
After submission of the proposal to the Government certain Teachers Association, Teachers have representation that the revised norms require further improvement and revision and requested for certain changes  in the proposal norms to have a workable and evenly distribution of work.

In view of the above commissioner of school Education, A.P,HYD hereby constitute a committee with following officers to study the  30.06.2015 proposals to Government and suggest revised norms taking realistic approach duly keeping RTE norms teacher pupil ratio,Subject weigtage,Allocation of periods, Work loaf ETC...

  1. 1. Sri Prasanna Kumar, Principal, IASE,Rajamundry- Chairman.
  2. 2.Smt.Rajaya Lakshmi,Director, SCERT.
  3. 3.Sri P.Srinivas Deputy Director O/o VSE A.P HYD- Conviner.
  4. 4.Sri Devendra Reddy,DEO,Srikakulam.
  5. 5.Sri Madhu Sudhana Rao, DEO,West Godavari.
  6. 6.Sri M.Kamalakar Rao, President, PRTU.
  7. 7.Sri K.Narshima Reddy,President, STU.
  8. 8.Sri I.Venkateshwarlu,President, UTF.
  9. 9.Sri Raghu Rami Reddy , President , APTF.
  10. 10.Sri Hrudya Raju,General Secretary APTF
  11. 11.Sri K.Narayana Reddy,President H.M Association.

The Committee is requested to submit report on before 25.01.2016.

A Copy of the GO.MS.NO:55 Education (SER-III) Department, Dated:23.04.2011 and GO.MS.NO:61 Education (SER-III) Department Dated:16.05.2011 and CSE Lr.RC.NO:25/Estt-III/2015 Dated:30.06.2015 it enclosed herewith for ready reference.


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