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AP Rc.No:20 DSC/ TET cum TRT-2014 Completion of recruitment process Instructions.

AP Rc.No. 20 DSC/TET cum TRT-2014 Completion of recruitment process Instructions issued
AP Rc.No. 20 DSC/TET cum TRT-2014 Completion of recruitment process Instructions issued


Present : K.Sandhya Rani, I.Po.S. AP Rc.No. 20/TRC-1/2016 Dated:29 /01/2016.

 Sub:- TET cum TRT-2014 – Recruitment of teachers – Completion of  recruitment process – Instructions issued – Reg.

Read:- G.O.Ms.No.38, Education, dated: 19/11/2014.

All the District Educational Officers in the State are aware that notification was issued on 21/11/2014 for TET cum TRT-2014. The Teachers Recruitment Test was completed from 09th May, 2015 to 11th May, 2015 and results were declared on 02/06/2015. 
In view of the above, the following instructions are issued keeping in view 
the guidelines given by the Government from time to time to complete the recruitment process of TET cum TRT-2014 through online:


1. The number of posts notified category-wise and medium wise with reference 
to the roster points, already displayed in the website for TET cum TRT-2014 should be verified and kept ready for the information of the District Selection 

2. The downloading of provisional list of candidates from website – category-
wise, medium wise as per the roster points, its publication and verification  of certificates shall be done.

3. The process of selection of candidates for the posts of SGTs and LPs through 
TET cum TRT-2014 beginning with issue of notification for applications till the issue of tentative shortlist for verification of certificates is conducted entirely online. Final selection order will be issued by the District Selection Committee and Member Convenor, Selection Committee of DSC 2014 after verification of all the relevant documents of the candidate that support the data submitted by him/her in his/her online application at district level.

4. The District Educational Officer is identified by the Commissioner of School 
Education as the Officer in charge for his respective district for verification of certificates of candidates tentatively shortlisted and for confirmation of the data submitted by the candidate in his/her online application.

5. Candidates are shortlisted basing on the marks secured by them in the written test of TET cum TRT-2014 and the personal and study details and declarations submitted by them in their online application. Hence, 
verification of certificates involves verifying the original documents of the
data submitted by the candidates basing on which they are tentatively shortlisted.

6. For verification of the documents Eligibility norms and check list are provided with reference to which the documents produced by the candidate will be checked and decided as to whether the candidate is fulfilling the eligibility norms as submitted in the application or if there is any discrepancy in the data submitted in the application.

7. The District Educational Officers are also provided online tracking service 
http://tracking/ and login ids (password to be sent through sms on the mobile phone of DEOs). After verification of documents, if the candidate is found to be fulfilling the eligibility norms his/her data shall be submitted through online service for further necessary action.

8. The DEOs should arrange the required number of teams and other personnel as shown in the proceedings and conduct a training session on verification process two days before the schedule so that the teams and other personnel get well acquainted with their role and the process of 
verification. Prior to conducting of training session, the officers identified should be supplied with the copy of Eligibility norms, guidelines for verification, notification (G.O.Ms.No.38, Edn., dated:19/11/2014) and list of fake Universities for getting thorough with the eligibility conditions and other relevant information required for conducting error free verification.

9. The entire required infrastructure i.e., Computers, Printers, Internet, Stationery etc., should be arranged well in advance i.e., by the time of training session for smooth conduct of the sessions.

10. On the day of actual verification to begin with, the list of candidates to be 
verified in any particular session clearly indicating the verification team number is to be placed on the Notice boards arranged at the entry point of the venue so that candidates will know the team number to which they need to proceed for verification.

11. At the waiting room tokens are to be issued to the candidates indicating their turn of verification on first come first serve basis and they may be directed to the verification room accordingly.


  • a) Table I: The Officers who have the list of candidates sit Team wise. The attendance of the candidates called for verification during that particular session should be taken by ticking the Hall ticket number and send him/her to the next table in the team for further verification.
  • b) Table II: Officer sitting at Table II will have the community details of the candidates. He/she should verify the community of the candidate with the list available with him/her. If the candidate is found to be any of the reserved community he/she may be directed to Table III where officers from Welfare Departments are arranged for verification of community certificates. If the candidate belongs to OC category he/she may be directly sent to the Table-IV allotted for that particular team.
  • c) Table III: At the third point after verification of community certificate,the candidate shall be issued a slip by the officer concerned confirming the genuineness of the community certificate that can be shown to the verification officers at the time of verification of all other documents. If any candidate’s certificate is found to be not correct they shall be directed to the camp officer for necessary action.
  • d) Table IV: The verification officers should be provided with the copy of  the application submitted by the candidate online by DEO. The verification officers should check all the documents produced by the candidates as per the check list and verify with the eligibility norm list. Verification should be made in the following sequential order:

  1. i. Verification of data submitted online begins with the checking of the candidates name, father’s name, date of birth and identification marks of the candidate as seen in the SSC or its equivalent original certificate produced by the candidate. The values in the check list should be noted down.
  2. ii. If the candidate has submitted his community as SC/ST/BC or as PH or as Ex-serviceman, the relevant documents should be verified. The relevant document would be the Community slip issued by Welfare  Officers at Table III confirming the community certificate produced by the candidate. If PH candidate then the Disabled certificate issued by referral hospitals given in G.O.Ms.No 91 Dated 03/11/2012 should be verified for genuineness. The certificate issued by Department of defence should be verified if submitted as Ex-servicemen. In case of  Ex-serviceman, the candidate himself/ herself should have served in the Defence Department. Children of Ex-servicemen cannot claim recruitment under Ex-servicemen category. Note down the values in the check list.
  3. iii. Verify the study details of the candidate with the documents produced and note down the local status value in the check list.
  4. iv. Verification of marks secured – The maximum marks and marks secured by the candidate as given in the application print out should be verified with the marks memos produced by the candidate. The marks secured by the candidate as per memos should definitely be the same as submitted in the application as marks secured is one of the criteria as per which order of the candidate is generated.
  5. v. Verification of date of pass – The date of pass as per the certificate should be the same as submitted in the application form as it is of the criteria as per which merit order of the candidate is generated.
  6. vi. Verification of University/Board – The University/Board that has issued the certificate should be verified with the list of fake Universities/boards given to the verification teams.
  7. vii. Verification of TET marks in case of (SGTs) – Download the TET result memo from the link given and verify the name, photo and marks of the candidate with the name, photo and TET marks submitted in the APMS application photo.
  8. viii. If all the above details are found correct, record the conclusion on the check list as to whether all the norms are fulfilled or any discrepancies noticed or any documents are still to be submitted.
  9. ix. After completing the verification of the documents, three hard copies and one soft copy of the certificates produced by the candidate should be taken and put them in one folder along with the downloaded  application, tentative selection letter and check list recorded by the verification officers. Write the Hall Ticket number and other details on the folder.
  10. x. Verify the Educational qualifications of the candidate as per the eligibility norm supplied in G.O.Ms.No.38, Edn., dated:19/11/2014. Verification of Educational qualifications involves:
  11. xi. If the candidate has fulfilled all the eligibility conditions send the folder to the teams arranged for feeding the data in the system.

13. The persons handling the system should see the check list in the file. If the candidate has fulfilled all the norms, the data should be submitted online through the tracking service provided for the purpose and send the folder to the camp officer.

14. In case of any discrepancies or pending submission of documents, the folder may be sent to the Camp Officer directly from the verification teams.

15. The Camp Officer in any case should sign the check list and handover one copy to the candidate and file one copy in the candidate’s folder. The folder should then be handed over for safe storage.


For the Post of SGT:

The eligibility criteria issued as per G.O.Ms.No.38, Edn., dated:19/11/2014 
should be verified

For the post of Language Pandit:

The eligibility criteria issued as per G.O.Ms.No.38, Edn., dated:19/11/2014 
should be verified.

For the post of School Assistant (Phy.Edn):

The eligibility criteria issued as per G.O.Ms.No.38, Edn., dated:19/11/2014 
should be verified.


Sl.NO           DATE        DESCRIPTION

1.          01/02/2016           DISPLAY OF MERIT LIST AT WEBSITE OF CSE

2.         05/02/2016        GENERATION OF SELECTION LIST BY CGG


4.       09/02/2016 TO 


6.       22/02/2016      REGENERATION OF SELECTION LIST

7.      24/02/2016       SUBMISSION OF VACANCY LIST BY DEOs


9.      29/02/2016       DISPLAY OF FINAL SELECTION LIST

10.   01/03/2016 TO 
                                   WEB COUNSELLING

11.   05/03/2016       GENERATION OF POSTING ORDERS



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