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AP GO.NO:152 Constitution of E-Nidhi Project Task Force for E-Nidhi (CFMS) Project.

AP GO.NO:152 Constitution of E-Nidhi Project Task Force for E-Nidhi (CFMS) Project
AP GO.NO:152 Constitution of E-Nidhi Project Task Force for E-Nidhi (CFMS) Project

ANDHRA PRADESH AP Constitution of E-NidhiProject Task Force for E-Nidhi (CFMS) Project – Orders – Issued.


G.O.RT.No. 152 Dated: 05-02-2016

 Read the following:

  • 1. G.O.Rt.No.2097 Finance (OP.I) Department Dated: 24-04-2013
  • 2. Appointment of M/s NIIT Technologies Ltd as System Integrator on 22-02-2013.


The Finance Department has initiated the process for implementing the E-Nidhi Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS), a SAP based ERP system for the Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP). For the purpose of implementation of e-Nidhi (CFMS), M/s NIIT Technologies Ltd (NTL) has been selected as System Integrator (SI).

E-Nidhi, aproject with large magnitude, requires a committee mechanism involving all key stakeholders and subject matter experts to move forward. In view of the requirement of the Governance structure for the e-Nidhi (CFMS) project, FD, GoAP had worked out a structure for Empowered committee, steering committee and core committee during the initial phase of the project.

Considering the current project status FD, GoAP has decided to constitute E-NidhiProject task Force (PTF) to give the project required impetus.PTF shall comprise of officials of FD, GoAP and other key stakeholders. PTF shall have the overall responsibility of direction and control in respect of ENidhi Project. PTF shall take guidance from the High Powered Steering Committee (HPSC) on all critical issues and report on the project progress to the HPSC on a regular basis.

The detailed composition, key role and responsibilities of E-Nidhi Project Task Forceare as follows:

E-Nidhi Project Task Force (PTF) E-Nidhi Project Task Forceshall provide guidance and support on domain and organizational aspects, ensure inter-departmental coordination, vendor coordination, etc. to achieve the E-Nidhi vision & outcome. The PTF shall meet weekly to review the progress and resolve issues if any.

The composition of PTF is provided in the table below:

Key Roles and Responsibilities - E-NidhiProject Task Force(PTF)

The brief roles and responsibilities of the PTF shall be as follows:

 Overall Guidance and Support

  • Provide guidance and support to the System Integrator (SI) in understanding of the expectations of stakeholders, understanding of the business process and arranging meetings with key stakeholders as and when necessary
  • Act as a catalyst to change management efforts at the Finance Department and in other departments/ offices
  • Provide support to SI in obtaining required Government orders, approvals, etc.

Review and Monitor

  • Assume project ownership and accountability for tracking and fulfilment of project milestones and decisions relating to all project aspects.
  • Review project progress on continual basis including validating/ approving deliverables/ decisions ¾ Review the tasks assigned to and progress achieved by SI
  • Conduct/ attend periodic meetings with various stakeholders and vendorsto review the progress, key challenges, time lines, outcomes etc. in light of the overall goal of the projectEnsuring and monitoring of timely Installation and commissioning of IT infrastructure and Application.
  • Review functional and technical scope completeness w.r.t project scope
  • Provides inputs during the system design and testing phase
  • Review and assessment of all designs / documents/ deliverablesand recommendfor approval ¾ Review capacity building plan and supervise its implementation
  • Recommend to procure / ensure availability of the requisite hardware / software, if any to run the e-Nidhi (CFMS) project timely.
  • The team shall be overall responsible for all the modules of e-Nidhi (CFMS), building Master data and creating hierarchy structure as required for e-Nidhi (CFMS) configuration.
  • Ensure and supervise data identification, its capture and management including Master data as required by the system. Coordinate with officials concerned and SI in getting the data migrated/ digitized / scanned into e-Nidhi (CFMS) system.
  • Ensure and supervise transactional data entry into the system specifically during the time e-Nidhi (CFMS) and existing system are working in parallel.
  • The team shall supervise the functioning of SI support team during O & M phase and ensure SLAs fulfilment as per contract.
  • Identify champions/ trainers who would lead E-Nidhi project execution and further who shall serve as Master Trainers
  • Monitoring of the SLA’s to ensure meeting of expected levels of performance. Suggest changes, corrective actions and preventive measures in SLA’s if need be
  • Daily monitoring and follow up of various activities.
  • On achievement of all milestones of System Integrator, monitor the takeover process of the system by teams identified for the purpose.
  • Analyse risks involved in the project and ensure resolution of the same in a timely manner
  • Ensure compliance to rules, regulations and policies during the life span of E-Nidhi development and implementation
  • Preparation of overall budgets for the project and breaking it down for each quarter and year
  • Review annual and quarterly budgets for the project and monitor it against the actual expenditure Conduct periodic meetings with SI and all stakeholders to ensure smooth progress at all stages
  • Assist all internal and external authorities/ consultants in getting the testing, audit, quality check, etc. done relating to the e-Nidhi (CFMS) project.
  • Supervise and guide in development of interfaces by SI, with external stakeholders like RBI, Banks, AG and Revenue Departments etc.

Guidelines for Meeting – E-Nidhi Project Task Force

  • The Project Task Force shall meet weekly. Additional meetings may be held, if necessary.
  • The meeting shall be held on such date and at such time and place as may be decided case to case basis
  • A printed/e-mail notice stating the agenda of the meeting, venue, date and time of the meeting of the PTF, shall be sent to all the members of the PTF at least 1 day prior to the date of scheduled meeting. However in case of urgency the meeting may be held at a shorter notice.
  • In the consideration of any particular subject or subjects on the agenda, may invite any person to attend a meeting of the PTFfor the help.
  • The minutes of each meetings of PTF shall be prepared within 2 days of each meeting held and approved by the PTF in their next meeting.





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