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Telangana RMSA audit Instructions and Required Documents and Certificates.

Telangana RMSA audit Instructions and Required Documents/Important Certificates Produced at the time of Audit,TS Audit RMSA Instructions/ Required Documents and Certificates, Telangana/TS RMSA audit Instructions and Required Documents/ Important Certificates at

Telangana RMSA audit Instructions and Required Documents and Certificates.

Telangana RMSA Annual Audit Start from Every Academic Year TS RMSA Audit Required Forms and Documents and Certificates produced at the time Auditing Officers so Download their Important Certificates in the site.

1. Three sets of the following documents have to be provided for audit

  1. One set of original copies for Audit party, one set of Xerox copies for DEO office and one set of Xerox copies for School
  2. Receipts and Payments(R&P) Format from 02-06-2014 to 31-03-2015
  3. Utilization certificate as on 31-03-2015
  4. Bank Statement / Bank Pass Book Xerox copy for the period 02-06-2014 to 31-03-2015

2. Along with the above documents, the following records are to be produced

  1. Sanction LettersCopies of Quotation called for if anyBank Entries Registers (Cheque issue Register)
  2. Expenditure details supported by vouchers, Bills, etc. in originals
  3. Cash on hand / Cash Book and other registers
  4. SMDCs Resolutions
  5. Other related Documents / files
  6. Last year RMSA Audit Report

3.Instructions for filling UCs and R&P formats:-

1.UCs as on 31-03-2015:- Total expenditure incurred from the time of release of grant till 31-03-2015 is to be shown against the name of the grant. The expenditure incurred after 31-03-2015 is not be shown in the UC as on 31-03-2015.

2.Receipts & Payment Format from 02-06-2014 to 31-03-2015:- Funds received during this period is to be shown under RECEIPTS. But under PAYMENTS, the funds whatever incurred during the period 01-04-2014 to 01-06-2014 are to be shown irrespective of year of release.

4.For any Information/Queries contact:-

  • A Sairam 8297068163
  • CH Ramakrishna Reddy 9849626672
  • Prudhvi Raj Reddy G 8686988685
  • M Balakrishna 9704039828

Office — 040 64615111/23225111 Email —
Office — 040 64615111/23225111 Email —


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