Monday 11 April 2016

AP DSC/TET cum TRT 2014 Newly Recruitment Teachers Induction Training for SGTs & LPs.

Andhra Pradesh Induction Training for Newly Recruitment Teachers (TET cum TRT 2014) for Primary teachers (SGTs) and Language Pandits (LPs) as per RC.NO:820 , AP DSC 2014 (TET cum TRT 2014) Newly Recruitment Teachers Induction Training for S.G.Ts and L.Ps , AP TET cum TRT 2014  Newly Recruitment Teachers (DSC-2014)  Induction Training for SGTs & LPs.

AP DSC/TET cum TRT 2014 Newly Recruitment Teachers Induction Training for SGTs & LPs.

AP RC.No. 820/B/C&T/ SCERT/2015 Dated: 07.04.2016.

Sub: SCERT, AP, Hyderabad Induction Training for Newly Recruited Teachers Selection of State Resource Persons and district resource persons - Reg. 


  1. G.O.Ms. No. 1, School Education Dept (Prog ll), dated 1 1 2016 of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. 
  2. Note file No. 820/B/C&T/SCERT/2015, 27 3 2016 

All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the Government is going to appoint new teachers through TET TRT 2014. Further the Commissioner, Department of school Education has approved the note file and decided to provide induction training  forthe New Primary teachers and Language Pandits. The main objective of induction training is to inculcate commitment and passion towards teaching profession. 

District Wise List Allotted Posts in Andhra Pradesh:-

In this connection all the District Educational Officers with support of Principals of DIETs identify well qualified, well experienced teachers to act as resource person. They may be SGT or SA with Primary school experience. The resource person should ignite such competency among newly recruited . Hence DEOs and Principal of DIETs requested to select required number of such kind of teachers to act as District Resource Persons and State Resource Persons. Number of teachers to be recruited in the districts is annexed. 

All the DEOs are instructed to submit the selected list of resource persons to SCERT on are before 20 4 2016. 

This has got approval of Commissioner of School Education. 


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