Thursday, 1 September 2016

AP SA-2 Question Paper Preparation Moderation of Resource Persions as per R.C.NO:129

AP SA-2/ Summative Assessment Test II Examination Paper Prepare Moderation Committee as per R.C.NO:129>>AP SA-2 Question Paper Moderation Order as per R.C.NO:129>>AP Summative Assessment Test-2 Exam Model Papers Prepare Moderation Committee as per R.C.NO:129.

AP SA-2 Question Paper Preparation Moderation of Resource Persions as per R.C.NO:129.

Sub: SCERT, AP, Amaravathi – School Education Department – Summative Examination - Moderation of Summative – II Question papers from class VI to Xth Deputation of resource persons.

AP R.C NO: 129/C/A.C/SCERT/2016, Dated: 28-10- 2016


  1. Implementation of CCE as per the RTE recommendations
  2. Proc. Rc. 3/B/C&T/SCERT/2016, dated 16.07.2016, Commissioner of School Education – Andhra Pradesh.

All the District Educational Officers and Principals of DIETs in the State are informed that as per reference citied I and II, the selected DCEBs are instructed to prepare SA-II question papers to conduct common summative – 2 examinations from class VI to X. Further these question papers should be verified by the moderation committee. In this connection it is decided to conduct question papers moderation workshops from 1-11- 2016 to 4-11- 2016 Languages and from 7-11- 2016 to 10-11- 2016 for Urdu and Non-Languages at AP-SCERT Conference Hall, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada.

Subject wise Team of moderation is annexed. Further District Educational Officers and Principles of DIETs, are informed to relieve resource persons mentioned in the annexure to attend above said workshop.

Director of S.C.E.R.T.


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