Tuesday 4 April 2017

AP/TS Kasturi First Girl Child Student Educational Magzine.

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Kasturi is the name of First Girl Student Childhood Magzine for AP and Telanganna States Telugu Magzine for AP/TS Girls Child Students for Improving Values of Education and female rural literacy is below the national average and gender gap in literacy is above the national average. The Magzine provides for girls Education Increased and rural literacy Increased belonging to SC, ST, OBC or minority communities and priority for Education.

In India 300 million children, live in an economic and social environment which could impede the child's physical and mental development. It is the need of the hour that we all gear up to meet the needs of these children in India today, to enable us to see an enlightened and empowered India tomorrow.

In the last decade of this century, dramatic technological developments particularly in the areas of nutrition, health, education and related spheres have opened up new vistas of opportunities for the cause of children.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh and Telanganna with the concern departments has all come together for the cause, primarily focusing on the unique problems concerning the children in India. Issues related to children and work, tackling the problem of child labour, elimination of discrimination towards Girl Child, uplifting street children, indentifying the special needs of children with disabilities, and providing education to every child as its Fundamental Right Described this magzine.

Which Activities are Given inthe Magzine 2017:

  1. If I am a flower
  2. Three big achievements in my life.
  3. Speak at least ten sentences about the Sun.
  4. How to protect your teeth & gums? Suggest at least fiveprecautions about their protection.
  5. Describe your classroom to your friend.
  6. Discuss with your friend your favorite breakfast food.
  7. What is your favorite subject in school and why?
  8. Divert the attention of students to the picture of national flag and ask them to describe about it?
  9. Who is your favorite Leader?
  10. What is your favorite color? and narrate about the festival of colors – Holi.
  11. Discuss your favorite movie.
  12. Food that I don’t like.
  13. Review the last movie you saw.
  14. Tell us when &how rainbows are formed
  15. What is your favorite sports activity?
  16. Tell us about the world's tallest animal (Giraffe)
  17. Tell us about the taste of tomato
  18. Cute or funny things of pets.


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