Tuesday, 9 May 2017

AP Employee Transfers and Postings /Guidelines as per GO.MS.No.75 Dated:09-05-2017.

AP Employee Transfers and Postings /Guidelines as per G.O.MS.No.75,AP Employee Transfers and Postings /Guidelines Instructions Certain Clarifications as per G.O.MS.No.75 Dated: 09-05-2017,AP Employee Transfers and Postings /Guidelines as per G.O.MS.No.75 Dated: 09-05-2017.
AP Employee Transfers and Postings /Guidelines Instructions Certain Clarifications as per G.O.MS.No.75 Dated: 09-05-2017.

  1. G.O. Ms. No. 64 Finance (HR I.Plg.&Policy) Department, dt.21.04.2017.
  2. G.O. Ms. No. 72 Finance (HR I.Plg.&Policy) Department, dt.05.05.2017.

In the reference first and second read above, guidelines have been issued for effecting general transfers of Government employees during 2017 and also developed and communicated an OETS for transparent transfer process.

The Government has received certain representations for more clarity on the guidelines relating to request transfers as per the above guidelines.

  • In view of the above, Government herby clarifies that:

As per para 3 (iv) of reference first read above, employees who have completed three years of service but less than five years at a station can make a request for transfer subject to fulfilling one or more of the following conditions.

  1. Employees with disabilities of 40% or more as certified by a competent authority as per “persons with disabilities
  2. Husband and Wife cases (only one of the spouses shall be shifted following the prescribed procedure). Once the facility is utilized, the next request can be made only after eight years.
  3. Employees having mentally challenged children to a place where medical facilities are available.
  4. Widow employee appointed on Compassionate appointments.
  5. Medical grounds for the diseases (either self or spouse or dependent children and dependent parents) of Cancer, Open Heart Operations, Neuro Surgery, Kidney Transplantation to places where such facilities available.

In view of the above, the Government hereby reiterates and clarifies that request transfers can be considered by the concerned competent authorities only in respect of the employees who have fulfilled one or more conditions as mentioned under para 3.iv of reference first read above. Employees who do not fulfil one or more of these conditions are not eligible for request transfers, and hence can not be transferred.

It is further clarified that employees who have moved from Hyderabad to New Capital area of Amaravathi on account of shifting of Capital are exempted from general transfers for the year 2017.


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