Friday, 26 January 2018

AP ALA Class Room Data Teachers/Students Tablets Check list and Tips

AP Anandha Lahari Programme ALA Class Room Data Based Teachers/Students Tablets Check list and Tips and comfortably in the classroom and also to better maintain Guidelines to the teachers/AP ALA Class Room Maintaining Data 4 students/1 Teacher Anandha Lahari Programme ( ALA) Tablets User Guidelines and Check list Download.
The following tips and check list will help Anandha Lahari Programme (ALA) teachers to start using the tablets sooner and comfortably in the classroom and also to better maintain them.

  • First thoroughly read ALA tablet user manual provided for teachers
  • Once teacher receives the tabs, teacher must fully charge all the tabs atleast 8hrs.
  • Please charge the tabs every day atleast 4hrs.
  • Don’t try to remove Students tabs from the Students Tabs Box/case
  • Don’t pull charging wires or earphones from the Student tab box
  • After charging the tabs, Power ‘ON’ each of the tablets
  • Inthe Teacher tab, make sure teacher and students are available.
  • Login to the teacher tab, Go to Help section and watch all the tab videos as and when you get some  free time but you must watch an video called ‘How to activate a milestone as per diagnostic test prior to attending to the class room setup orientation

Make sure to charge the tabs every day.
10. Make sure not to turn OFF main Power switch after school is closed. Tabs wont charge if its closed

If there is no electricity contact your officials and community or SMC members to discuss the matter

Students must be placed in the ladder as per the current levels not from the first milestone.

Never give Teacher Tablet to your students (if there is anything you need to show them on teacher tablet do it during your presence only, but don’t leave it their hands)

When can I start transferring my students from Teacher Tablet to Student Tablets?
Unless you are very comfortable to do, DO NOT transfer the students from your Teacher tab to Student tabs (During the classroom setup orientation, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate this step with the help of your MC, so please wait until you learn how to do this step). But mean while you should divide your class 1 and 2 students in to 4 groups following the grouping criteria and decide on which 4 students will be on which student tablets. Carry this list with you to the School Setup
orientation location to discuss with your MC if any questions.

Your ALA Master Coach is just a phone call away to help you answer any questions you may have in this regard and to get ready with your tablets to use in your classroom.

Please use ‘Options’ feature on your RT login screen(on Top left corner) for your language selection only.

DO NOT play with rest of the features in it as there is a chance that you will lose all your Classroom data.


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