Wednesday 24 January 2018

AP Cyber Treasury Collection fees and Taxes of Urban Area through SBI MOPS as per G.o.No 99.

  1. G.O.Ms.No.177, Finance (TFR) Department, dt.15.07.2005. 
  2. G.O.Ms.No.224, Finance (TFR) Department, dt.12.09.2005. 
  3. G.O.Ms.No.72, Finance (TFR) Department, dt.31.03.2007. 
  4. Memo.No.33782-A/B/13/TFR Dept., dt. 19.01.2014. 
  5. MA & UD Department e-file No. 5000439/ Budget.I/2017. 

In the reference 5th read above, the MA & UD Department has informed that the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur has requested the Government to accord necessary permission to him to
establish connectivity between the Urban Local Bodies and SBI Payment Gateway for enabling efficient collection of fees and taxes through SBI MOPS by integrating with e-Municipal ERP System.

Government is in the process of launching a comprehensive Financial  Management System, on SAP backbone. Collection of all Government receipts devolutions to local bodies; Management of expenditure and PD  accounts along with budgeting, Financial Reporting and Accounting are part of this ensuing system. As part of this, CFMS will be hosting a payment  gate way through partners such as SBI MOPS, PayU etc. All such departments who have their own line portals and are in revenue collection activity are integrating with the CFMS payment gateway through seamless
integration between the line department application and CFMS. Relevant  accounting and transfer of funds to the respective accounts of departments, as needed, is integral part of this process. Towards this, the Government directive is to have all the departments adopt this uniform process to ensure seamless facilitation and accounting.

Government after careful consideration here by permit the Municipal  Administration & Urban Development Department to establish connectivity
between CFMS payment Gateway and the Urban Local Bodies e-Municipal  ERP System for enabling efficient collection of Municipal taxes/fees.

The process of integration – maintenance of service codes for collection of taxes/fees; pooling of collections; rendering of scrolls and accounting along with further transfer to the ULBs – will be designed,  developed and implemented through a collaboration between MA & UD Department DTA and APCFSS.

The MA & UD Department, DTA and APCFSS shall take necessary action for proper implementation of the above system to facilitate a seamless collection of taxes/fees; monitor the transactions and ensure that amount collected as pooled, accounted and transferred to ULBs without any delay by integrating e-Municipal ERP System and CFMS.

These orders are available in Andhra Pradesh Government website


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