Monday 8 January 2018

AP Maintenance of Registers at School level as per Rc.No 290.

AP School Education Maintenance of Registers at School level as per Rc.No 290,Dated03/01/2018/AP Variouse registers should be maintained at school level as per as per Rc.No 290.
All the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the list of registers should be maintained at school level is appended herewith. Therefore, they are requested to issue necessary  instructionsto all the Dy.Eo, MEOs and HMs in their jurisdiction to maintain the same at school level and also issue necessary instructions to incorporate in the visit/ inspection proforma respectively.

The said registers should be submitted by the concerned HMs as and when the inspecting offices visit/ inspect the schools. This has the approval of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Amaravati


The following Registers should be maintained in all schools and submit to District Educational Officers / Dy. Educational Officers / Mandel Educational Officers' visits to schools.

  1. Students' admissions and deletion Register.
  2. Checking / Verification Register.
  3. Casual Leaves Register.
  4. Un-enrolled Children Register.
  5. Students Progress Register.
  6. Student Progress Register.
  7. Pupils Attendance Register.
  8. Teachers Attendance Register.
  9. Staff Attendance Register.
  10. Visitor's Register.
  11. Cash Book for SSA funds.
  12. Day Wise - Mid Day Meal Register.
  13. Mid Day Meal - Stock Register.
  14. Mid Day Meal - Month wise Bills Payment Register.
  15. Mid DayMeal Staff - Profile Register.
  16. Transfer Certificate (T.C.) Register.
  17. C.C.E. Register 18. Academic Guidance Register.
  18. Library - Books Register.
  19. Minutes Register for Radio Programmes.
  20. Minutes Register for Children Sanghalu.
  21. Movement Register.
  22. JABAR Register.
  23. Uniform Acquittence Register.
  24. Textbooks acquittence Register'.
  25. Minutes Register for Parent Meeting.
  26. Stock Register.
  27. Teachers Dairies Maintenance Register.
  28. Scholarship Register.
  29. Admission Forms - Applications preservation Register.
  30. Students Profile Register.
  31. Teachers' Profile Register.
  32. Outward - Inward Register.
  33. Scavenger/Sweeper / Other staff Profile Register.
  34. Staff Order Register.
  35. U.C. Register (Bills, Expenditure etc.,)

AP Maintenance of Registers at School level as per Rc.No 290.


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