Thursday 1 February 2018

AP Municipal Teachers Promotions 2018 Scheduled Dates/Guidelines as per Memo.No:3276.

AP Municipal teachers promotions Clarifications and Schedule 2018 as per Memo.No.3276,dt.31/01/2018.
Municipal Education Filling up of vacancies through Promotions Fixation of Inter Seniority of Municipal Teachers Certain Clarification sought for by the RDMA's - Reiterated the clarifications -Further Instructions issued as per MEMO.N0. 3276/D1/2017-2 DATED'30/01/2018.

  • From the DMA, A.P., Guntur, Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017, Dt:20.12.20I7.

In the reference cited, the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur has sought for certain clarification on the request of the Regional Directors of Municipal Administration (RDMAs) regarding filling up of teacher vacancies through promotions and Fixation of Inter-Se-Seniority of Teachers working in all the Municipalities and Municipal Corporations in the State.

Alter careful examination of the matter, it is hereby informed the Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur that the clarifications as already issued from time to time on the following points are now reiterated so as to enable the appointing authorities to take up the process of promotions of Municipal Teachers, P.E.Ts, etc:- Clarification sought for by the DMA, AP, Guntur Instructions.

Whether to continue the existing roster, where there is a single Municipal Corporation / Municipality in the District, as the case may be (or) to follow fresh roster in the matter. In this office Lr.Roc.No.3276 /2016 / J3, Dated. 06.12.2017, Government have already been requested to clarify whether to continue the existing roster where there is a single Municipal Corporation / Municipality in the District, as the case may be (or) to follow fresh roster in the matter. Government in Memo.No.708668/ DI/2017-1, dated. 14.09.2017 have instructed to follow fresh rosters by taking District as unit for effecting promotions to the teachers working in Municipalities and Municipal Corporations and also to follow / continue existing roster in case of teachers working in GVMC and VMC'.

The above Government instructions are holds good and it shall be followed in respect of all ULBs.

 In the light of the non availability of Ranks / Marks in some cases, Government may be requested the procedure to be adopted for fixing of the Inter-se-seniority of the Teachers. In this office Out of 13 Districts, 5 Districts namely Vizianagaram, Krishna, West Godavari, East Godavari and Prakasam do not possess the Rank list for DSC-2000. In the light of the non availability.

Therefore, all the RDMAs in the State and the Commissioners of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation are requested to take further necessary action for effecting promotions to the Municipal Teachers and to speed up the promotions process as per the rules in force without delay, keeping in view of the above clarifications issued by the Government, duly following the following revised schedule, without fail

Scheduled Dates for Municipal Teachers Promotions:-

  1. Finalization of combined seniority (inter-se-seniority) lists and its publication. 3 days from 05.02.2018 to 07.02.2018.
  2. Calling for Objections. 7 days from 08.02.2018 to 14.02.2018.
  3. Disposal of Objections. 2 days from 15.02.2018  to 16.02.2018. 
  4. Arriving vacancies preparation of panel lists etc. placing before Committee & Panel Committee Meeting. 4 days from 17.02.201 to 20.02.2018. 
  5. Promotion counselling as fixed by the RDMS/ HMs of HS & PS, SAs Languages, SAs Groups & SA Phy.Edn. District wise. 4 days from 21.02.2018 to 24.02.2018. 
  6. Issue of proceedings. 2 days from 25.02.2018 to 26.02.2018 


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