Tuesday 23 January 2018

AP SSC March 2018 Examinations Certain Instructions on NR data Issues as per Rc..No.31.

AP SSC Public Examinations, March 2018 Certain Instructions on NR data orders Issued as per Rc..No.31/ J-1/2017 Dated: 23 -01-2018.
All the District Educational Officers are hereby informed that A.P Online has furnished the list of 264 schools who have partially confirmed their NR data leaving a few students without confirming, or mentioning any reason against each. Also, a list of the 105 schools which have not uploaded the entire NR data of their students. About 30 schools which have had sent students in vocational subjects for March,2017 examinations, have not forwarded any one for the March 2018 examinations.

The district wise breakup of such schools are appended here with. The above deficiency in confirming such schools gives an confusion whether are they really on rolls in those schools and left in-entered on one pretext or another? or Whether they have left the schools with Tcs and their names are still continuing without removing them. The IlMs should have made a mention about such students separately and submitted along with NRs.

There are about 105 schools, who have not entered their students data at all. It is presumed that such schools may be having CBSE or ICSE syllabus and there are no students for SSC pattern. The Assistant Commissioners should have confirmed this. Similarly, in case of Vocational schools also. When clear instructions were given and other schools have entered data for Vocational subjects, the Head Masters of 30 schools have not entered the data of their students. In order to give one more chance to such schools to confirm their students NR data, edit option will be enabled on 24-01-2018 from I0.00am to 6.00pm. Intimations to this extent will be sent to the concerned I lead Masters by way of SMS alerts. Such schools shall enter the data of their students.

If there are no such candidates to he entered the same shall be informed to this office by concerned I lead Masters. If such schools arc CBSE or ICSE,thc concerned DY.EOs shall inform the same to this office. Hence, all the District Educational Officers are requested to strictly instruct the I lead Masters concerned to confirm their NR data on the above date. If this opportunity is not availed by the above schools, the concerned Bead Masters will be held responsible.

To, All the DEOs in the State, Copy to all the ACGI:s in the 0/0 DEO, Copy to all the ACGI:s in the 0/o DGE, Copy to all the DCGIis for information.


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