Thursday, 8 February 2018

AP P.G Degree / P.G. Diploma/Super Speciality Students Enhancement of stipend Committee as per G.O.No.53.

AP Medical Education Stipend to the Internees and Post Graduate students (P.G, Degree / P.G. Diploma and Super Speciality Students) Enhancement of stipends Constitution of Committee Order as per G.O.RT.No. 53 Dated: 08-02-2018.

  1. G.O.Ms.No.287, HM&FW (E2) Dept, Dt. 17-12-2009 
  2. From the DME, AP Lr,Rc.No. 31136/ ME/ 2017, Dt.5-1-2018.

In the G.O.1st read above, orders have been issued for enhancement of stipend to the Internees (House Surgeons) Post Graduates (Degree and Diploma) of Medical Colleges including those of Dental Colleges and P.G. students in Super Specialities w.e.f. 01-01-2012 and 01-01-2014 once in two years period.

In the ref 2nd read above, the Director of Medical Education, submitted proposals for enhancement of stipends to the internees and P.G. Students and Super Speciality students with effect from 01-101-2016 to 31-12-2017 and requested to constitute an expert committee for enhancement of stipends from 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2019.

Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby constitute an expert committee to study the present stipends to the internees (House surgeons), P.G. (Degree and Diploma) of Medical Colleges including Dental colleges and PG students in Super specialities and furnish detailed report to Govt with the following:

  • Principal Secretary to Government, 
  • HM&FW Dept ... Chairman, 
  • The Director of Medical Education ( Academic) ... Member- Convenor 
  • The Registrar, Dr. NTRUHS ...Member 
  • The Commissioner, APVVP, ... Member 
  • The President, / Secretary, APJUDA ...Member 

 Theabove Committee shall study the existing Government orders, in respect 
of stipends to internees and furnish the report within a period of three (3) months
to Government to take a decision in the matter.

The Director of Medical Education (Academic), AP shall convene the meeting
and submit a detailed report in the matter.


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