Wednesday 28 February 2018

AP Women Swachhata Champions Women's day celebration Action Plan/Pledge Guidelines.

AP SAC Honouring Women Swachhgrahis and Champions on March 8th International Women's Day Action Plan& Pledge for Swachha Shakthi 2018 as per file.No88(26), Dated:23/02/2018.
Attention is invited to the subject and reference cited.

In the reference cited. the loin Secretary. SBM(G), MoDWS Department has kfomrd that March 8th 2018 x01 be cekbrated as Intemational Women's Day around the world. Women have played a craical role is nakkg the Swachh BhharatMission a success throughout the cotarry ow, the past three yers.

As Swachhgrahis, SBM Officials and grassroot Champions, their mimics, dim n carrying the message of sanitatiin towards that has node the Menlo a one jar Andohn.The Mmeary of Drkking Water & Saniatiow with the support of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. wire take the opportmity to irritate Woolen champions for thee exceptional work in the field oral sanitation though ISivachh Shaktta 2018", a National Level at Cuckoo, Uttar

The range of activiies across disfficts during the fist week of March, cukurating on 8th March 2018, n State as wet These may feel de:

Inteniew of Women Swachhata Champions that could be covered by local media, and special shows aired on local cable TV and / or Regional Doordarshan channels in their how..

Their case studies could he documented and released on 8th March through events honouring women swachhagrahis, local champions and other grassroot officials.

At mega-events organized at Stale and district Boo), women contributing to sr at the State/DisnicUBlock/Village level could be presented Swachhata awards by the Minute8DSMct Collectors, othe r s e nior dignitarie

Such events could also act as a forum for these champions to share their experience and leanings through focused group discussions, inspiring many others In the process.

In this regard. I am hciewah enclosing the Pledge and action phn in Estop version for a cck staning nom 1st to 701March, 2018 fur Snachha Shakthe 2018 make up the sane nallffic dt,tnew

Therefore, it is requested to issue necessary instructions to concerned to celebrate the
File No.88(26)ISAM/GOO(S)/GEN/2018.


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