Friday 9 February 2018

NPS Pension System Certification of Subscriber details in CSRF Instructions to all Treasury Officers / PAOs.

National Pension System NPS Revision of Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF) Certification of Subscriber details in CSRF Instructions to all Treasury Officers / PAOs Issued.
Attention of all Treasury Officers / PAOs in the State is invited to the Subject cited. They are informed that, the Pension Fund Regulator/ and Development Authority (PFRDA) has informed that the existing Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF.1) has been revised and new Common Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF) has been notified. The new CSRF has been given access at'httns://

However a corn of ore-filled new Common Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF) for AP State Government emnloyges is annexed herewith for ready reference of the Treasury Officers / PAOs. Keeping in view of this, the following instructions are issued:-

  • All (*) marked fields are mandatory; and should be filled in English and BLOCK letters with BLACK ink.
  • Father's Name and Mother's name is mandatory. Father's name will he printed on FRAN Card by default. In case Mother's name is to be printed on FRAN Card, please ensure [J] mark.
  • If Father's name /Mother's name has more than 30 digits, the Subscriber has to fillAnnexure./7 (Additional Request details) for the same.
  • If married, Spouse name is mandatory.
  • Date of Birth of Subscriber is mandatory; and should be in the format of dd/mm/yyyy; DOB should be supported by relevant documentary proof.
  • Documentary evidence is required for Proof of Identity; and Proof of Address; Mobile Number and e-Mail ID are required for communication and to receive SMS and mail alertt.
  • Bank account details are mandatory and should be supported by Cancelled Cheque; Nomination details are mandatory. In case of more than One nominee, percentage share value for all the nominees must be specified in number; and the Subscriber should fillAnnexure.III (Additional Nomination Form) for the same.
  • No need to opt the Investment Option' (Item.) 0), as it is decided by default.
  • No need to fill Declaration by Employer / Corporate' (Item-14), as this item is applicable to Corporate Subscribers only.
  • Item is not applicable for State Government employees; in case the Subscriber wants to be emboss the details on PRATT Card in HINDI. the Subscriber should fill Annerure.11 (Additional Reauest details)
  • Incase the Subscriber wants to be emboss the details on FRAN Card in HINDI, the Subscriber should fillAnnexure.Il (Additional Request details) for the same; 
  • Dateof Joining; and Date of Retirement of the Subscriber (6o Years from the Date of Birth) should be in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Employee ID / PPAN should be in severs (07) digit; and should be verified by the Treasury Officer / PAO before attesting the CSRF.
  • Signature of Subscriber should only be within the box provided in the form; and should be in BLACK ink. Obtain LTI (Left Thumb Impression) in case of illiterate male Subscriber and RTI (Right Thumb Impression) in case of illiterate female Subscriber.
  • Affix recent colour photograph of the Subscriber in 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm size / Passport size.
  • Common Subscriber Registration Form (CSRF) and Annexure.111 should be attested by Drawing and Disbursing Officer / Employer; and should be countersigned by Treasury Officer / PAO concerned. 

All the Treasury Officers / PAOs are requested to disseminate this information to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers by prominently displaying the circular in their notice hoards as well as by way of any other possible communication. 

They shall undertake scrutiny of the Fnandatnry fields and PPAN (Employee ID) in CSRF Form. before attesti g and forwarding it to CRA-FC / CRA, so as to minimize the scope for rejection of CSRF.


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