Friday, 16 March 2018

AP Enhancement of consolidated pay/remuneration/ honorarium to the contract employees as per G.o.No:27.

AP Enhancement of consolidated pay/remuneration/ honorarium to the contract employees working under control of HM&FW Department order as per G.O.Ms.No:27; Dated:16.03.2018
  • G.O.Ms.No.3, Fin(SMPC.II) Department, dt.12.01.2011 
  • G.O.Ms.No.151, Fin (HR-I-Plg&Policy) Department, dt.08.08.2016.
  • G.O.Ms.No.95, Fin (HR-II) Dep, dt.12.06.2017
  • Letter received from Spl. Commissioner of Health & Family 
  • Welfare Lr.Rc.No.293/FW-E1/2017, dt:18.10.2017
  • Letter received from Commissioner of Family Welfare Lr.Rc.No.10234/Plg-V/2010, dt:19.12.2017. 
  • Letter received from Director of Public Health and Family Welfare Lr.Rc.No. Spl /E4A/2017, dt:27.12.2017 &    
  • 09.02.2018.
  • Note received from the National Health Mission.
  • Note received from the Commissioner of AYUSH

Government have issued various Orders for appointment of contract employees to ensure the health services to reach the people effectively, from time to time and to cater the need of Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department with various guidelines.

In the G.O. 3rd read above Finance Dept., have issued the orders by enhancing the remuneration of the contract employees except the contract employees of HM&FW and LET&F department. In particular HM&FW department is implementing so many health schemes. The nature of work of each cadre is different from one HoD to other HoD basing on the particular scheme.

In the proposals 4th to 8th read above the HoDs have submitted the proposals to increase the salaries of the contract employees working under their control.

The Group of Ministers meeting was held on 06.02.2018. During the meeting the Group of Ministers have agreed the proposals of this Department for enhancement of salaries to the contract employees working under various HoDs under the control of HM&FW Department.

Government hereby approved the guidelines in respect of increasing of salaries of the contract employees of HM&FW Department as appended in Annexure – I of this order.

Government after careful examination hereby increase the salaries of contract employees cadre wise / HoD wise as appended in Annexure – II of this order.

This enhancement shall come into force with effect from 1st April, 2018.

The increase in respect of the contract employees working under the NHM, the increased amounts shall be reimbursed to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, from the future increase of the salaries / grants released / approved from the GoI, as per the Revised RoPs from time to time, and further increase shall not be made till the required amount was reimbursed.

This order is issued with the concurrence of the Finance     (HR-II) Department vide their U.O.No.183/9/HR.II                        dt:16.03.2018 

 ANNEXURE  - I (to G.O.Ms.No. 27, dt: 16.03.2018)

The remuneration to the contract employees shall be governed by the following conditions:-

To avoid confusion and disparity among employees, all the concepts of 100% gross, implementation of RPS, in respect of salaries of contract employees issued in various GOs have been cancelled. In supersession of all GOs issued in respect of increase of salaries to the contract employees, this GO is issued in comprehensive manner, with only concept that, the contract employees with the consolidated pay /honorarium / remuneration.

No further increase of DA, HRA etc shall not allowed, since this is a consolidated pay.

This GO shall be applicable to the employees who are appointed on contract basis with the specific Government Order of the Government as per procedure and continued by the  Government from time to time.

Remuneration thus calculated shall from now onwards form an all inclusive consolidated monthly payment for all purposes.

No other increase in any form like annual increments etc shall be admissible on the above consolidated monthly remuneration.

Considering all these factors, the Government have recommend for enhancement at different rates which are being implemented accordingly.

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  1. So happy govt has choosen right decision at least now.wishing govt will take another decision of demolishing contract employees based equal pay for equal work


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