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AP Implimentation of Examination reforms for class Xth Constitution of 3 member Committee at Mandal level as per Rc.N0 3.

AP SCERT Amaravati School Education Implimentation of Examinatiosn reforms for class Xth Constitution of 3 member Committee at Mandal level for verification and certification of Internal Marks of class X students Order as per Proc. Rc.No:3/ 3/C&T/SCERT/2016 Dated: 09-03-2018.
  • G.O.Ms. No. 17 School Education (Prog.I1) Dept.. dt.14.05.2014
  • G.O. Ms. No.82 School Education (Prog.11l Dept.. dt.29.10.2015.
  • G.O. Ms. No.80 School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dt.25.10.20I 7.
  • G.O. Ms. No.81 School Education (Prog.I1) Dept., dt.25.10.2017.
  •  Lr. Rc. No. 3 /B/C&T/SCERT/2016, Dated: 23-11-2017 Commissioner cC\Dept. of School Education. 

All the District Educational Officers in the State are in hat as per reference 2 & 3 cited above Government of Andhra Pradesh, Deportment of School Education has decided to implement CCE pattern of Examination syste ass Xth Class also. In this connection 20% of Internal Assessment Marks may be calculate4 Formative Assessments and 1 Summativ Assessment marks. 

 Asper the reference 3 cited above all t e Educational Officers are informed to Constitute a 3 member Mandal level Committee in all Mandals in their respective Districts for verification and certification of 20% al total Marks.

The Committee consists of the following members for each Mandal. Member

  • Mandal Educational,Officers Member 
  • School Complex Head Master Member 
  • Senior aster in the Mandal

In this connection the District Educational Officers are informed to conduct a Coordination meeting Dy.E.Os and M.E.Os for constitution of 3 member Mandal level Committee for nodals.

The District Educational Officer should conduct oneday orientation to all the mandal level Committee members on their roles and responsibilities. The details of roles and responsibilities of 3 member Mandal level Committee is annexed. In this regard a tele conference may be organized by Department of School Education, the details will be communicated later.
Annexure: Roles and Responsiblities:

Annexure - I Roles and Responsibilites
As per G.O.Ms.No. 80. dated 25.10.2017 amendments para no. 3. the District Educational Officer should constitute a three man committee at Mandal level. for verification and certification of class Xth Class 20% Internal Assessment Marks i.e.. Four Formative Assessments and One Summative Assessment.

The 3 member Mandal level Committee consists of the following persons.

Mandal Educational Officer
School Complex Head Master
Senior Head Master in the Mandal.

Roles and Responsibilities of Three Man Committee: 

  1. Mandal Educational Officer list out the schools having class X sections Recognize by the Government of Andhra Pradesh (Nominal Roles) 
  2. Prepare verification of 20% Internal Marks scheduled bas8c number of schools in the Mandal. 
  3. All three members team should visit the all s hoot der all managements l'or verification and certification of class X Intern Its. Observe the process followed of Formative and Summative Assessments in class X th Formative Assessment noteboond Net contains student reflections. return works, Project reports should , whether the finis formatives conducted and upload the marks in the or not.
  4. Ask the Head Master in CSE website with their personal login ID and verify students marks.
  5. Observed validat et-1 answer scripts and marks allotment with School Registers. on Prepare ee ion report in the billowing format. (Annexure - II) 
  6. Afteration of all the records relating to FA, SA marks entry and 20% marks calculation. 3 man Committee should issue a certificate of verification to the School Head Master. The same copy should submit to concern Dy.E.O. Roles of Dy.E.O:
  7. Dy.E.O should keenly verify the 3 man Committee verification certificates of all the schools and submit the counter signed copy of the same to DGE through AP online. Role of AP Online: 
  8. AP Online should provide access to all Dy.E.Os in the state to submit their reports regarding 3 man committee reports on verification of 20% Internal Marks. 
  9. The final copy of 20% Internal Marks should submit to DGE.


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