Friday 9 March 2018

AP PETs Teachers Conducting Training of Master Trainees in phased manner as per Rc.No:228.

AP School Education Conducting Training of Master Trainees in phased manner at the LNIPE, Gwalior and LNIPE, Guwahati as per Rc.No.0228/SGF/2017-18 Dated:05-03-2018.
A copy of Government memo together with its enclosures received through the reference 1st read above is here with send to all the District Educational Officers in the State where it has been stated that the Khelo India Scheme under Community Coaching Development aims at developing the Physical Education Teachers (PETs) Volunteers as Master trainees in different disciplines of Sports and these master trainees will train other PETs / Volunteers as Community coaches and develop teams at community levet and has informed that training of master trainees will be conducted in phased manner at the LINPE, Gwalior and LNIPE, Guwahati in batches of 100 each.

In the reference 1st read above, Government have requested to furnish the list of PETs / Coaches in Physical Education. Therefore, all the DEOs in the state are requested to identify and furnish the list of 10 PETs from each district between the age group 18 to 40 for elhaergoing-traming In Community Coaching Development under Khelo India Programme at LNIPE,Gwalior and Guwahati scheduled from rd April to 24' /I September, 2018. I he duration of trig course should be cost of training, boarding & lodging, medical facilities, food etc. will be borne by the ministry of Youth affairs and Sports.

They are also requested to furnish the names of PETs, in case more comes forward for undergoing number of eligible Physical Education Teachers the above training, the Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education will be addressed to provide such training to the PETs.

Further, all the DEOs are requested to furnish the list of PETs / Coaches 1 in Physical Education  by 10.01.2018 along  with Master Trainer Profile copy enclosed duty filling all the columns without fail

This has got the approval of the commissioner of School Education, Ibrahimpatnam, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh. This should be treated as most urgent.


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