Friday 20 July 2018

AP Primary Education Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) Extension of programme to classes 3 - 5 in 1347 schools during A.Y 2018-19 as per RC.No.11

AP Primary Education Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) Extension of programme to classes 3 - 5 in 1347 schools during A.Y 2018-19 - Effective implementation of the programme - Certain guidelines issued as per RC.No.11/C/SCERT/2016 Dt: 17.07.2018.

  • Minutes of the meeting with Commissioner of School Education A.P Amaravati Dt: 04.06.2018
  • Minutes of the State level Review and planning meetings with Master Coaches and AMOs SSA Dt: 04.07.18 and 05.07.18.

AP Primary Education Ananda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) Extension of programme to classes 3 - 5 in 1347 schools during A.Y 2018-19 as per RC.No.11

All RJDs, and DEOs are aware that Aanda Lahari Abhyasana (ALA) is implemented in 1347 Primary Schools @ 2 schools per MandaI. It has created lot of excitement and interest among students, Teachers, parents and community.

Enrolments are also increasing.

In the above context, all the District Educational Officers and Project Officers in the state are informed that, it is proposed to extend ALA programme to classes 3 -5 during the AY 2018-19. English Medium TLM &TAB integration is also proposed. Close
monitoring of the programme is very essential for the effective implementation of the programme. In view of this, certain guidelines are issued below.


  • Ensure the practice of Multi Grade and Multi Level (MGML) pedagogy in ALA schools without fail
  • Ensure usage of TABs for online activities in the learning ladders
  • Compile thematic best practices, Reports, impacting learning in ALA schools and upload online in CSE sitel APeKX
  • Ensure regular uploading of child info in CSE site and enrolment app enabling seamless flow of students' data to TASs
  • Ensure that 100% teachers working in ALA schools are trained to teach In MGML pedagogy to handle all TAB activities.

No TaRL or ISHA programmes in ALA schools:

In Chittoor District ISHA Vidya Programme is under implementation in all Primary Schools. It is decided that in ALA schools Isha Vidya Programme

Similarly TaRL programme is under implementation in Anantapuram, Kurnool and Vizianagaram in Primary Schools. Hence the DEOs of these 3 districts are also instructed not to conduct TaRL programme in ALA schools. MEOs may be instructed accordingly.


Replace ALA schools with new, where required, if there is no scope for extension of the programme to classes 3 - 5 such as insufficient classrooms (single room), single teacher schools, reduced enrolment, connectivity problem, Disinterest of Teachers with in its implementation as seen from very low TAB Activity, change in pedagogy practices etc.

Complete the replacement exercise in 2 weeks and communicate the list before 31.07.18. If not received any request by the said date, it will be taken assumed that there are no replacements in the district.

Issue necessary guidelines to conduct ALA Day every month at Mater Coach cluster level.

  • MEOs/Complex H.Ms should take lead in organizing ALA day meetings by inviting other school teachers also to visit ALA day meetings and to know the best practices from ALA schools.
  • DEOs have to further ensure that not to depute the teachers of ALA schools for 10th class/intermediate invigilations, spot valuation duties, or deputation to other schools for work adjustments or any other out of school programmes.
  • Two SIM cards are issued to all ALA schools to the AMOs recently during state level Review meeting for use in teacher TABs. Please instruct the H.Ms to use one SIM now and keep the other safe until second teacher TAB is supplied.
  • AMO SSA should submit the consolidated list of 81M cards issued to all ALA schools along with SIM number. SIM cards will be recharged centrally from SCERT. Hence the HMs need not recharge them.
  • Encourage that the teachers who are implementing best practices in ALA schools apply for best teacher awards.

ALA E.M schools and New ALA schools:

Government havt!permitted to introduce English Medium in ALA schools satisfying the criteria. List of the same may be informed to CSE and SCERT so

  • It should be a Double Teacher school
  • Total Strength of the school should be not less than 40
  • School should have sufficient classrooms (2 minimum) with good space to accommodate the Physical infrastructure to be provided.
  • SMC resolution is mandatory

Willingness of the donor/s in written with details of donation/s offered.

This has got the approval of Commissioner of School Education A.P Amaravati.


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