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APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules

APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules and Guidelines/APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules Instructions/APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules.
APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules and Guidelines Instructions for Andhra pradesh state Government Employee Pension Scheme and Group Insurance Scheme & Andhra pradesh Gravity Life Insurance Policy Rules and Regulations of AP Employee Scheme Rules.

APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules

Rules of APGPF/FBF/GIS & APGLI State Government policy Rules and Guidelines Instructions is given below.

A.P.G.P.F., F.B.F.,G.I.S.& A.P.G.L.I  RULES

Types of P.F.

A.P.G.P.F.for State Govt. Employees.

E.P.F. central Govt. Undertaking Employees.
Contributory pension scheme:- Employees appointed on or after dt:01-09-2004. (Go Ms No;653 Fin (pen-1)Dept,dt;22-09- 2004)
Go MsNo.654, Fin (pen-1) Dept,dt;22-09-2004:- No GPF. Go Ms No.655 Fin (pen-1)Dept,dt;22-09-2004 :-

Employee share 10% of pay+ DA & Govt. share

A “regulatory authority” to be appointed to maintain. As per Circular Memo No.30857/ 422/A1/Pension-1/2010 Dt;8-3-2010,

pension benefits were extended to employees who died on or after 1-9-2004.


The G.P.F. Scheme is a Social Security Measure Scheme, meant for the Protection of Subscriber’s Family against this sudden Death or If he survives until Retirement, to provide him and his family with Additional Resources.GPF accumulations not liable for the civil Court decree.

Membership Two Types:-

Compulsory:- Dt; 1-3-1963 to 31-8-2004 for Regular Employees.

Optional :-

(i) Re-employed Pensioners and Govt. Servants who have not completed one year continuous Service.

(ii) Law Officers in the City of Hyderabad viz., Advocate General, Govt. Pleaders, Public Prosecutor and the State Prosecutor.
 Proposal form in Duplicate;- A.G./D.T.O. by 15th  of every month.


  • To one or more - indicating the share to each nominee.
  • if Family exists the member of the family is natural legal heir.
  • Even no family at the time of nomination become invalid after marriage.



Wife or Husband, Parents, Children, Minor Brothers. Unmarried Sisters and Widow and Children of deceased son of the Subscriber. Where no parents of the subscriber are alive, a parental grand parent. Enhance–Twice and Reduce Once within a F.Y.

Subscription allowed during all periods of duty including foreign service, except during suspension.

Subscribers may elect not to subscribe during leave EOL/HPL.

Interest on G.P.F. for 2014-15 @ 8.7%.
Interest calculated for the entire12 months.

Withdrawals 3 types:-

  • Temporary Advance
  • Part Final Withdrawal
  • Final Withdrawal

Temporary Advance (Rule-14)

Sanction for self/family members.
3 months pay or half of the balance at credit whichever is less. R.(14)(i)
As a special case - up to ¾ balance available. R. 14(i)(a)

  • To meet the Prolonged illness on Medical Grounds.
  • To pay for overseas passages for reasons of Health or Education.
  • To meet the obligatory expenses of the family birth day/marriage day etc.,
  • To meet cost of higher education beyond high school .

Outside INDIA- 

  • For Academic, Technical, Professional or Vocational Courses.  For NGO’s- For All Academic, Medical, Engineering or other or Scientific Courses.
  • Meet the cost of constructing a house on a site purchased.
  • Utilizing the sum to repay the loan under clause (vi)
  • For acquiring a farm house / a Business premises within 6 months of the date of subscriber’s retirement.
  • To meet the cost of purchasing a Motor Car .
  • To pay the LIC premium  or loan amount(14(i)(a) (xi).

  • Missing credits not eligible.
  • Gap of 6 months from one drawl to another. Recovery of Advance:-
  • Ordinary circumstances:- Min.12- Max. 24 EMIs.

In special cases:- Min. 24- Max. 36 EMIs.

Consolidation of Advance :-

When an advance is sanctioned before repayment of the last installment of any previous advance shall be added to the advance so sanctioned and then shall be fixed w.r.t. the consolidation amount.


For house building purposes on completion of 15 yrs. or before 10 yrs. of superannuation which ever earlier.
For other purposes on completion 20 yrs. or before 10 yrs. of superannuation which ever earlier.

Amount to be sanctioned:-

For medical & House purposes up to ¾ as a special case.

In all other cases only ½ of the balance will be sanctioned.prescribed proforma is in Appendix  Sanction is to be accorded in the space earmarked in Appendix Excess drawl attracts penal interest of 2 1/2 times.


N.G.O. s - the DDO, if DDO is N.G.O. the next G.O.

  • For G.O. s - the next highest authority.
  • For H.O.D’ s and their immediate deputies – 
  • Government. For Secretaries - the chief secretary.
  • Sanction order is to be to the nodal agency and ackd be obtained by the drawing officer.


payable when he retires/quits service :-

  • Application to be submitted 4 months in advance of retirement.
  • No Recovery of advance during the last 4 months.
  • No sanction of advance/part final withdrawal during the last 4 months.

No Payment :-

If dismissed, removed or compulsorily retired.


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