Friday 17 August 2018

AP Hindi Dakshin Bharat Prachar Sabha-Prathamica to Praveena Examination Conducting Guidelines as per Rc.No.456

AP Hindi Dakshin Bharat Prachar Sabha-Prathamica to Praveena Examination Conducting Guidelines as per Rc.No.456
AP School Education Hindi Examinations - Conducting Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha- Madras Examirations from Prathamica to Praveen in Andhra Pradesh, Model Scrools/Govt.Schools, ZP.Schools, KGBV Schools etc  as per AP Rc.No.456/1-8-1/2018 Dated:13/08/2018.

AP Hindi Dakshin Bharat Prachar Sabha-Prathamica to Praveena Examination Conducting Guidelines as per Rc.No.456

  • Lr.No.ExarniS-1,20:8-191386, Dated 05 08.2018 of theSecretary, Dakshin Bharat Mild' Prachar Sabha Hyderabad.

The attention of the all the District [ducat oral officers in the State ara inforrrod that Secretary, Dakshin Bha-at Mandal Prachai Sabha (Andora) Hyderabad has stated that, the Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha-Madras is an Institution of National Improtance by virtue of Parliament Act Sec.14 of 1964.

It is empowered to ronier the drgrees & diploma certificates in Hindi Medium.
It has a statu-00/pRAIA*A \PTIF Dakshin Oharot*HiaWP ch o ad-as was established by late Father of Nation Mahatma Gandoiji on 1 June, 1918.

The main moto of Sabha Is promotion & prcpogat on of National language, link language Hindi in non Hindi speaking areas. Poo:y liepuji was the President of Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha-Madras till last his breath and his son Devalass Gandhi was tie 9rst Prachark.

The Sathp was registered as an autonomous Society under the Registration of Societies Act 1660. The successors of Mahatma Gandh )1 are Dr.Babu Ftajendra Prasad after that leasers such as Lail Bhadur Sastr, , Smi Indira Gandoirn, P.V.Narasimhe Rao, R.Venkatarairan. Dr.B.D.Jatt and Justice Ranganath Misira were as the Presicert of Sabha. Now Just ce Shivraj Pathl is the President of Sabha. Four provincial Sabha's were estab fished In 1930 like

1.Andhra Pradesh 2. Karnataka 3. Tamioadu 4. Cerala & recently Telangana State.

The Head off ce is Madras Sabha. Courses offered by Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha — A.P. &T,1 Approved by Ministry of I IRD, Ministry of SOcmal Welfare, A.P. SW. 'lower Examinations Parichay, Prathamic, Madhyama. Rashtra Bhasha, praveshika

Higher Examinations R.B.Visharad Poorvarah. R.B.Visoard littarardh R.B.Praveer Pooniardh, 11.B.Praveen Uttarardh Over all 9 examlnat.ions are conductiong by Sabha. Every Half yearly FebrUali ,e" Saturday aid Sunday & Seotember 2' Saturday & SLioday rorduction the Examination. Sabha chaigiiig very nominal tees. Every year in A.P.State only more that 2 Lakhs students are getting through the Examination. Sabha's certificatellsiarks Card are valid all over India.

Benefits of Examination:-

After getting through above Examinations Candidate has to finish Hindi Pandit Training Course and he will get teacher Post In Private Schools. After passing DSE Exams he gets Govt.Post.

Students will become proficient In Hindi Language. Other U G courses offered by Dakshlna Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha  1 B Ed (Hindi Mod !um) 'Approved & Recognised by NCTE. New Delhi  Benefits: After completion of B.Ed Course students will get full time Job In Private Schools. 

Distance Fducation Dent :

Approved by Distance Education Council Course Offered : B.A-I, B.A-11, B.A-III,M.A-1,M.A-11 , P.G. Diploma In Translation 3. P.G.Courses- Reoular: & 2' Year, M.Phil, Ph.D., M.Ed., M.Phil in Education, Ph.D in Education, P.G Diploma In Translation, P.G.Diploma in Journalism. 
Depefits: Students will get Lecturer Post In Degree or Intermediate Colleges and they will get Translators Post in Central Govt. & State Gove. Institutions. Ours Moto is to make fluency in writing & speaking national language in entire A.P. State Schools. Overall DBHP Sabha Is having 3 B.Ed Colleges, 6 HPT Colleges & 3 P.G.Centers. 

Systematically we get the Proceedings copy from the Commissioner, Director of Schools Education, Amaravathi (AP) & Hyderabad (TS) for the Examination centres. 

They send Hall Tickets, Examination Question Papers and Answer Scripts along with contingency of exam centres with Sealed which will come from Head office Chennal In sealed manner in the name of Head Master of concerned School. 

After conducting Exams within 10 days we will collect all answer scripts to Lower & Higher Examination Zones. i.e., Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntakal, Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam are lower & higher Evaluation Centres. 

Senior Hindi Pracharaks will evaluate the answer scripts. And they are paid T.A. & D.A. and valuation charges of Scripts as norms of Sabha. 

After Evaluation Examiner Committee conducts & revaluate the results process and declare the results In online. 

After Declaration of Result within 20 days we dispatch the Marks Cards to the Students.

No Manucation, duplication of marks cards will not take place.

For Hindi Pracharaks encouragement amount will be paid.

Therefore all the District Educational officers in the State are requested to give vide publicity on the above.


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