Wednesday 29 April 2020

Mana Badi – Nadu Nedu webportal Change to

AP Mana Badi – Nadu Nedu webportal Change to
AP Mana Badi – Nadu Nedu webportal Change to AP Government of Andhra Pradesh considers the school as a divine place and wants to promote the school as a true learning center to the children. The Government desires to improve the learning outcomes and decrease the dropout rate in all schools by taking up various measures including upgrading the school infrastructure through the implementation of Mana Badi - Nadu Nedu Program.

AP Mana Badi – Nadu Nedu webportal Change to

మనబడి : నాడు-నేడు వెబ్సైట్   మార్పు.

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వెబ్సైట్ లో కూడా ఏ మార్పులు లేవు

The Government wants to develop the school infrastructure in the state in a systematic manner to reach the required standards by involving the parents who are the key stakeholders.

Mana Badi – Nadu Nedu is to strengthen the infrastructure and transform the existing infrastructure of the schools in the mission mode in a phased manner over a period of three years, starting from 2019-20. Under Mana Badi – Nadu Nedu program, following 9 infrastructure components have been taken up.

  • (I) Toilets with running water
  • (ii) ) Drinking water supply
  • (iii) Major and minor repairs
  • (iv) Electrification with fans and tube lights (v) Furniture for students and staff
  • (vi) Green chalk boards
  • (vii) Painting to schools
  • (viii) English labs and (ix) Compound walls.

The project covers total 44,512 schools, including residential schools, run by all managements, viz., School Education, Panchayat Raj, Municipal Administration, Social Welfare, BC Welfare, Tribal Welfare, Minority Welfare, Juvenile Welfare and Fisheries Departments. In the Phase-I, 15715 schools have be taken up through the Government implementing agencies - Panchayat Raj Engineering Dept, AP Samagra Shiksha Society, APEWIDC, Municipal & Public Health Engineering Department and Tribal welfare Engineering Department.

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