Friday 20 November 2020

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu painting work of schools Guidelines

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu painting work of schools Guidelines

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Guidelines to do painting work of schools regarding Ref: Govt memo no: ES01 SEDN0CSE /1114/2020-PROG-II Dt, 04-11-2020

AP Mana Badi Nadu Nedu painting work of schools Guidelines

Painting is one of the ten components taken up under Nadu Nedu. M/S Berger India a reputed company has been awarded this work, and they have started the work also. Because of monsoon in last four months we have underplayed this work

As the monsoon season is completed now, we all shall focus on this work and accomplish the task by end of November 2020. It is observed that there are some issues in in implementation of this component. 

In this regard the following guidelines are issued for its effective implementation. Confirming School readiness for painting

When all repair works are completed the HM has to confirm readiness of school for painting on the Nadu Nedu App on his mobile phone on the following 5 parameters provided in the App. The 5 parameters are (a) Electrification Completed ( b) Repairs to walls and ceilings completed ( c) Repairs to doors, windows, grills completed ( d) Construction of toilets completed in all respects (e) Cement patti around the existing black board dismantled and plastered.

However, for painting to start it would be prudent to give 21 days curing time after fresh cement plaster is applied.

Respond to Phone call from Berger with correct details:

A call will come from Berger Team to confirm the readiness once again. The HM to respond to this call and give the details requested by M/S Berger Material Receipt and Checking

Once the paint material arrives at school, the HM will check the items against the Delivery Challan Berger Paints which accompanies the material. HM will the volume of the items of paint received on his Mobile will ensure that the total material sent by Berger to the school site is received. M/S Berger shall send a copy of delivery challan to the HM which shall be retained by him. 

This will exonerate M/S Berger to complete the number of coats as per specification. They shall procure extra material if required to complete the work as per specification.

After completion of work, the empty paint cans are to be retained at school for Ten weeks. Remaining material can be taken back by Berger subject to usage of minimum 95% of material supplied. This means the parents committee shall ensure that full material is used on the work

Safe place for storage of paint material in the school Once paint material is received at a school, asafe area in the school to be provided for Berger team to store material while painting job is going on. Preparation of surface before painting

The machines like sander, jet wash, the usage of machinery for cleaning and preparing the surface and the methodology of painting is given in annexure 11 order to give even shade, surface should be thoroughly brushed / scrubbed the surface to remove old paint/lime surface/any other adhesives/ all loose powdered materials with mechanical devices like automatic sander and mechanical scrubber or manually wherever mechanical scrubbing is not possible including bio wash/jet wash/repairs to cracks upto 5 mm/dampness/patches to restore the wall surface applying primer and emulsion exterior windows/other valuable mate 0g/sanitary ware/ grade/interior grade as per specification 

While painting, the company plastic sheets over existing use polythene/ tarpaulin/ of the school, so that the paint marks are not fallen on valuable items. Space for stock of paints for group of schools :

We have requested Berger company o show to store the paints in few big schools where space is available. 

This will enable the company to respond to the schools of the mandal whenever they give readiness. 

This accelerates the progress of the works. On the request of Berger, the DEO will provide a school in mandal to maintain the stock at a central point for schools of one or group of mandals. 

For statutory requirement a document authorising the premises to be used for storage will be required from the HM of that school where the material is stored.

Complete school to be painted:

Once the school is taken up for painting work, the whole school is to be painted, irrespective of the entered quantity in Nadu Nedu portal as indent and money available in sanctioned estimate, as only this would make the Nadu Nedu project a complete success. We cannot afford to paint half school.

Quality and Measurement Check:

After checking with the HM, Berger Team will arrive at school to start work. Within 3 days of arriving, Berger team will take detailed measurement of school as per attached format- Annexure 1. 

The HM and a parent from parent committee will be a part of the measurement process and validate that measurements are taken properly by the Berger team. This will the correct measurements after aot exonerate Berger to s' s completed.

Work Completion by HM:

Once the work the HM will acknowledge the completion as ' Completed/ Partially Completed / Not Started / Not Required for each of the 10 elements given in Annexure III (Work Completion Certificate). They will sign on this sheet with seal and handover to Berger team when they leave the site, one copy of the Measurement Sheet will be handed over to the HM. The HM will hand over the same to the mandal engineer

Invoice Upload:

Once work is completed for the school, Berger will raise invoice and upload the same in Nadu Nedu Portal along with Work Completion Certificate signed by the HM, Measurement sheet synopsis.

HM Approval on App:

The HM will get a prompt on his mobile App regarding the Work Completion after Berger upload the invoice. 

The HM to enter the status of Work Completion ( as he / she mentioned in the Work Completion Certificate signed and given to Berger) and submit the measurement sheets to the concerned Mandal Engineer (ME) Mandal Engineer will check and upload measurements after recording in M book and after getting check measurement, through his portal in Nadu Nedu App within 7 days along with the details of M Book

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