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PM Kisan Samman Nidhi 2020 Beneficiary Farmers Check @

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi 2020 Beneficiary Farmers Check @

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi 2020 Beneficiary Farmers Check @प्रधानमंत्री किसान सम्मान निधि योजना (PM-KISAN) Yojana ప్రధాన్ మంత్రి కిసాన్ నమ్మన్ నిధి యోజన (పిఎం ఉపాస్ యోజన) ప్రభుత్వ పథకం/Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAmman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) at official website @

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi 2020 Beneficiary Farmers List Check @

To Check beneficiary status Correct name as per Aadhar and know about the scheme. The Government of India launched a new Central Sector Scheme, “Pradhan Mantri KIsan SAmman Nidhi (PM-KISAN)” in order to augment the income of the Small and Marginal Farmers (SMFs)

The scheme was launched in February 2019. It is being implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Co-operation & Farmers Welfare (DAC&FW) under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare through the Department of Agriculture of all the States and Union Territories Governments. Under the Scheme, a direct payment of Rs. 6000 per year will be transferred in three equal installments of Rs. 2000 each every four months into the bank accounts of eligible landholding families. 

Many measures are being taken by the Government to reach to all eligible beneficiaries under PM-KISAN. Public interfaces have been made available for self registration, checking the payment status, Correction of the name as per Aadhaar as it is being mandatory requirement of the scheme. 

To broaden the reach further, the PM-KISAN mobile app designed and developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India is being launched. 

  • Using Mobile app, farmers can Register themselves
  • Know the status about their registration and payments
  • Correct name as per Aadhaar
  • Know about the scheme
  • Dial Helpline Numbers

Pradhan Manthri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna Beneficiary amount Status check here at official website of Department of Agriculture Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Govt of India. Know here the beneficiary status check of PM Kisan Samman nidhi

This Scheme has been started in 2018 to assist financially to the farmers in India by Indian Prime Minster Sri Narendra Modi pm-kisan-samman- nidhi-beneficiary-status check-update-aadhaar-mobile-details PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Beneficiary Status Check update Aadhaar Mobile Details @pmikisan gov in

దీని ద్వారా చిన్న, అట్టడుగు రైతులందరికీ సంవత్సరానికి రూ. వేల వరకు కనీస ఆదాయ సహాయంగా లభిస్తుంది. 75 000 కోట్ల రూపాయల ఈ పథకం భారతదేశంలో వారి భూస్వామ్య పరిచూణంలో సంబంధం లేకుండా 125 మిలియన్ల మంది రైతులను కవర్ చేయడమే లక్ష్యంగా పెట్టుకుంది. పిఎం డిసాస్ యోజన కింద, దేశ వ్యాప్తంగా అర్హత ఉన్న అన్న రైలు కుటుంబాలకు పంచరందానికి నాలుగు రూపాయల చొప్పున మూడు సమాన వాయిదాలలో, రూ.6000 చొప్పున ఆదాయ సహకారం అందించబడుతుంది. ఈ పథకం కుటుంబాన్ని భర్త, భార్య మరియు మైనర్ పిల్లలు అని నిర్వచిస్తుంది. రూ.2,000 నిధులను నేరుగా రైతులు రైతు కుటుంబం యొక్క జ్యాఖికు బాతాలకు బదిలీ చేస్తారు.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAmman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) Objective:

With a view to augmert the income of the Small and Marginal Farmers (SMF), the Government has launched a new Central Sector Scheme, namely, "Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAmman Nidhi (PM KISAN) in the current financial year

The PM-KISAN scheme aims to supplement the financial needs of the SMEs in procuring various inputs to ensure proper crop health and appropriate yields, commensurate with the anticipated farm income at the end of the each crop cycle. This would also protect them from falling in the clutches of moneytenders for meeting auch expenses and ensure their continuance in the farming activities

Basis for Identification : 

The number of eligible SMEs under the scheme has been estamated on the basis of projection of Agricultural Census 2015-16 data for 2019-20 The projected number of holding of SMEs landhoider famer families for FY 2019-20 is 13.15 crore Due to likely exclusion of certain categories af beneficiaries of higher economic strota, the total number of eligible beneficiaries has been taken as 12.50 crore

The existing and ownership system will be used for identification of beneficiaries for calculation of financial benefit under the scheme

Scheme Contours and Financial Outlay. The Scheme to be implemented as Central Sector Scheme with 100% financial support by Government of India (801) For financial year 2019-20, a budget provision of Ra. 20,000 crore has been kept for disbursal of financial benefit to the eligible landholding SMES families.

Similarly, a budgetary provision of Rs 75,000 crote has been kept in the financial year 2019-20 for disbursal of financial benefits to eligible landholding SMFS families

Benefit to eligible SMFS : Under the Scheme, a direct payment of Rs 6000 per year will be transferred in three equal installments of Rs. 2000 each every four months into the Aadhar ceded bank accounts of eligible landholding SMFa families.

Aadhar Capturing

For availing benefits under the scheme, Aadhaar is mandatory. However, in cases, where the beneficiaries at prenent are not having Aadhar or Aadhar Enrolment number, alternate prescribed documents can be collected for identity ventication and transfer of benefit to such farmer families for transfer of 1st installment in 2019-20

All such beneficiaries not having Aadhaar card shall have to be compulsorily enrolled under Aadhaar, since transfer of subsequent installments will be done only on basis of Aadhaar seeded data base States/uts to ensure that there is no duplication of the payment transferred to eligible tamee Speedy reconciliation in case of wrong/incomplete bank details of the beneficiary to be ensured

Monitoring of the Scheme : For effective review and monitoring of the scheme, a Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) at Central level will be set up in DAC&EW The PMU headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), shall also undertake publicity campaign (Information, Education and Communication )

A stratified review/monitoring mechanism at National State and District Level. At the National level there will be a Monitoring Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary. State Govt shall also notify the Monitoring Committees at the State & the District Level

How to Check PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Status

  • Beneficiary need to Visit pmikisan website
  • Select the option Aadhaar/Bank Account Mobile Number
  • Enter the Aadhaar Number Bank Account Number Mobile Number
  • Click on Get Data
  • Personal Details will be displayed

Ofter Beneficiary may Check the status of Amount credited as 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Instaliment and 4th Installment. Beneficiary Bank Details and Date of Credited also can find there

How to Verify AADHAAR Details and Update Phone Number in PM Kisan Samman Nidhi

  1. Get go to Official website
  2. Click on Farmers Corner
  3. Click on Edit Aadhaar Failure Records
  4. Aadhaa
  5. Enter Aadhaar Number and Captcha code
  6. Click on Search
  7. New tab will be opened
  8. Enter Beneficiary Name as in the Aadhaar
  9. Enter Mobile Number and Click on

More Information about Pradhan Manthri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna Beneficiary amount Status check in below link

Get Pradhan Manthri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna Beneficiary amount Status Click here for Details

Get Download Pradhan Manthri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna Beneficiary amount Status through Mobile Android app at


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