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AP SSC Public Examinations, May 2022 Certain guidelines issued

AP SSC Public Examinations, May 2022 Certain guidelines issued

AP SSC Public Examinations, May 2022 Certain guidelines issued as per Circular.No.ESE02/206 /2022-SCERT,Dated:08/03/2022

AP SSC Public Examinations, May 2022 Certain guidelines issued

1.SSC Public Examination timetable issued by the Director, Govt. Examinations dated 10.02.2022.

2.Observations made by the inspecting officials during their visits to school

1.The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the reference.1st cited wherein the schedule for conduct of 55C Public Examinations, May 2022 has been issued. 

2. The whole world has seen an unprecedented pandemic since 2020, whose adverse impacts are still continuing. Andhra Pradesh has also been severely affected due to COVID-19. Despite adverse conditions, the government has initiated several measures to enable the children to continue their learning during the pandemic.

3. During the year 2019-20 Vidyamrutham program was conducted by telecasting online video lessons to SSC students through. DoordarshanSaptagiri channel and broadcasted radio lessons in the name of Vidya Kalasam. The Government has issued orders vide G.O.Ms.No.30. Dt-12.06.2020 for the introduction of Six paper pattern to make the exams student friendly for the academic year 2019-20, for the benefit of students impacted by lockdown.

4. You are also aware that due to the pandemic, SSC Public Examinations for the academic years 2019-20 and 2020-21 were not conducted and all the students, who have been registered for SSC Public Examinations in respective years have been declared as all PASS.

5. During 2021-22 schools were reopened from 16th August 2021 and the academic calendar is prescribed for 27 weeks with 188 working days. Schools in the state are running in a safe environment, duly following all precautions as per the SoPs prescribed by Government.

6. Despite all the e efof rts, the ere mighe t be a he uge learning defcit amof ng students whe of he ave lof st valuable learning he of urs in last cof uple of c years. Sof me students wof uld he ave alsof undergof ne he ealthe issues and fnancial he ardshe ips during the is periof d.

7. In the ese situatiof ns, being administratof rs and teache ers it is of ur prime respof nsibility tof assist the e SSC students tof of vercof me the e prof blems and prepare the em cof r the e upcof ming SSC Public Examinatiof ns in May 2022. 

The e cof llof wing indicative guidelines are issued cof r all teache ers and supervisof ry of fficers tof cof llof wl;

a. Preparing the 10th class students for exams

• Students must be made aware abof ut the e seven paper examinatiof n pattern being adof pted cof r the e frst time. 

• Teache ers must incof rm che ildren abof ut the e syllabus the at he as been prescribed/deleted cof r the is academic year of nly.

• Class lessof ns are the e best way tof understand the e syllabus systematically, tof ensure the at all students are attending sche of of ls/classes regularly.

• Tof he ave a prof per day-wise actiof n plan cof vering all subjects and all students.

• Nof class she all be lectof ver withe of ut any teache er.

• Use the e of nline material available in DIKSHA and Yof uTube che annels cof r revisiof n.

b. Revision and remedial classes for slow learners:

• Identicy the e slof w learners, subject-wise and necessary suppof rt she all be prof vided in the e respective subjects.

• A specifc actiof n plan she all be designed cof r slof w learners based of n the e blueprint of c the e questiof n paper.

• Hof me-based learning of c students is tof be ensured in pof ssible ways.

• Peer learning is tof be suggested by mapping of c students.

• Teache ers she all adof pt students and suppof rt the em cof r the eir success in SSC Public Examinatiof ns.

• Fof cus may be given of n key cof ncepts.

• Practice papers may be given tof the e students based of n the e weighe tage of c tof pics/cof ncepts.

• Trace the e questiof n papers the at were supplied cof r SSC Public  Examinatiof n 2021 and utilize the em as practice papers.

c. Do's and Dont’s (Teachers)

• Be punctual tof sche of of l and remedial teache ing

• Special care in prof viding suppof rt tof the e students whe of he ave been adof pted.

• Encof urage the e gicted students cof r the eir best sche of lastic ache ievement and career.

• Cof nduct persof nality develof pment classes cof r a stress-cree envirof nment.

• Equal priof rity she all be given tof gicted students, average students and slof w learners.

• Interact withe parents cof r prof viding a gof of d study envirof nment tof students at the eir he of mes.

• Dof n’t criticize the e slof w learners

• Dof n’t leave the e sche of of l in sche of of l time

• Dof n’t leave the e class in the e allof tted periof d

• Dof n’t use mof bile phe of ne during the e class time

d. Tips for last-minute preparation (Students)

• Recer tof all questiof n papers of c Fof rmative and Summative assessments cof nducted the is year.

• Fof cus of n basics and adhe ere tof the e syllabus prescribed.

• Prof per revisiof n of c impof rtant tof pics.

• Review the e study nof tes.

• Review the e examinatiof n pattern.

• Prof per cof of d he abits tof maintain gof of d he ealthe .

The ese are purely indicative suggestiof ns and DEOs/ MEOs/ HMs she all include additiof nal pof ints based of n the e successcul strategies already adof pted by the em of ver past years. 

All District Educatiof nal Officers in the e State are directed tof ensure the at all subject teache ers are available till the e cof mpletiof n of c SSC Exams 2022 and nof t tof sanctiof n any leaves, except cof r extraof rdinary circumstances.

All the e Regiof nal Jof int Directof rs of c Sche of of l Educatiof n and District Educatiof nal Officers in the e State are requested tof disseminate the e abofre guidelines tof all students, teache ers and Headmasters cof r enabling he apply and stress cree learning and ensuring gof of d results in the e cof rthe cof ming   

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