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TS 10th class/SSC Exams grades with marks are given Example.

AP TS SSC Grading GPA Points with Marks Range Guidelines, TS AP 10th Class Grading calculate Points with Subject Marks Range Guidelines, AP SSC Grading GPA Points with Marks Range Guidelines,TS SSC Grading GPA Points with Marks Range Guidelines.
TS 10th class/SSC Exams grades with marks are given Example.
Telangana School Education inform all MEOs ,HMs andDy.DEOs To Explaining SsC Grading calculate system . Grading calculate Every students Marks.The Grading Process is given subject wise for each and every subject based on grace points at the final Examination Marks List ( Marks Memo ) Its Also Applicable to Primary Classes Grading , Upper Primary Classes students and High Schools Classes students grading system in Formative Assessment , Summative Assessment Examinations .

Total of 9 Grades and the Points from 3-10 Points for each grade . SSC Grades such as A1, A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D1,D2,E . There are no points for failure/failed candidates .The Total points are taken and added and then it is divided with number of subjects and the results will be given in points and thus it was the final points for the students and he can have a grade .

10th class/SSC Exams grades with marks are given Example:-

A Student get Telugu subject with 92-100 Marks Range , then he gets A1 Grade and get 10 Points , Also Other Subject get complete 10 Points each for every subject , then the total six subjects of 10 each and he get's 60 Points . 60*10 =60 Points .
Total points 60 is divided by 6 : ( 60/6) and results 10 Points .
60/6 = 10 Points = A1 Grade .

Marks range
L2 hindi
92 – 100 Marks
90 - 100
83-91 Marks
80 - 89
75-82 Marks
70  – 79
67-74 Marks
60 – 69
59-66 Marks
50 – 59
51-58 Marks
40 – 49
43-50 Marks
30 – 39
35-42 Marks
20 – 29
Below 35 (Less than 35)
 Below 20 (Less than 20)

L1 : First Language , L2 : Second Language , L3 : Third Language , NL : Non Languages .

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  1. For most schools your performance on the AP exam does not affect your grade or GPA. Some schools require that students take the exam and if they do not students do not get the AP designation on their transcript and thus do not receive the weighted GPA points. Check with your school to see what their policy is.

    You can calculate your grades through this Grade Point Average Calculator.There is only one AP exam and they are given on the same day worldwide (for each class). It pays to take the AP exam if you score well. Colleges use the scores to determine whether you receive college credit for your AP class. This college credit can save you a tremendous amount on tuition. I have known students to enter college as sophomores, saving an entire year of tuition and room and board.

    In regards to dropping, this depends on the school/district policy. It is best to talk to one of your counselors about this.