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AP CCE Patern Effective Implementation Examination Reforms/Guidelines Download.

AP Director of School Education Effective implementation of CCE Examination Reforms Certain GuidelinesDownload as per R.C.NO:3 Complete Information Download at teacherfriend.in . AP R.C.NO:3 School Education CCE Pattern Effective implementation Examination Reforms/Guidelines Download.

AP CCE Patern Effective Implementation Examination Reforms/Guidelines Download.

RC.No.3/B/C&T/SCERT/2016,  Dated.16.07.2016

Sub: School Education – SCERT Andhra Pradesh – Examination Reforms – Certain Guidelines – For effective implementation of CCE in the School Education System – Orders Issued – Reg.

  1. Announcement of Hon’hle Chief Minister of Andhra Prudeeh in public meetings. GOMS No: 82 School Education (Pros-ll) Dept, dated 29.l0.2015 of Govt. of A.P
  2. G.0.MS.No:12 School Education (Progu) Dept, dated 25-2 20l6 at Govt. of .
  3. A.P. GOMS. No:20 School Education (Prong) Dept. dated 28-3-2016 of Govt. of A.P. G.O.MS.No:41School Education (Prong) Dcpt., dated 7-6-20l6 of Govt of A.P.
All the District Educational Officers. RIDSEs and other Officers of School Education in the State are hereby informed that Government of Andhra Pradesh has issued different Gos as mentioned in the reference from 2nd to 5th in relation to Examination Reforms. The main reforms in the examination system are Implementation of CCE pattern of Evaluation in 10th Class Public Examination from 2016- l7. weigh-age marks to class VIIIth and IXth to the l0th class batch of 2018-19 and Common Sumrnative Examimtion from class VI to Xth for all the schools under all managements in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

  • The detailed guidelines to be followed without any deviation are mentioned follows 

  1. G.O. MS. No: 82 School Edn. (Progill) Dept. tinted 29-10-2015: 
  2. CCE should be implemented from class V1 to X with 80 external, 20 internal pattern.
  3. SSC Public Examination from 2017 March onwords inlemal 20%. external 80% pattern with 11 papers. 
  4. Language subjects Telugu. Sanskrit. Kannada, Odia, Tamilnadu , Urdu have two papers and each paper is for 40 Marks 
  5. Hindi single paper with 80 marks 
  6. All non language subjects i.e Mathematics, Science. Social have two papers for 40 marks each. 
  7. The examination time is 2hrs 45min. l5mimncs is allotted for reading question 
  8. Three Summative Assessments should be conducted from class VI to X. In class X SA-III is the Public Examination from the year 2016-17 onwards. 
  9. Four Formative Assessments should be conducted as per the Academic Calendar for 50 marks { l0marks for children participate and reflection, l0 marks project work, 10marks written work and 20marks slip tests) Instruct all the teachers to preserve evidences of award of marks with regarding to Four Formative Assessments for cross verification by the moderation committee from time to time. 
  10. 20% of internal for each subject shall be calculated by taking to account total of Four Summatives (50x4 200) and Two Summatives (80x2 160) and Total marks achieved for 360 shall be reduce to 20. 
  11. Four Co-Curricular areas as mention in GO, i.e., Value Education and life skills, Art and Cultural Education, Work and Computer Education, Health and Physical Education should be assessed by the teacher through observation and remember there no written examination 
  12. In the case of Co-Curricular Activities, there is no Formative Assessment. 
  13. Marks based grading should be followed ranging from A1 to D2 (Spoint scale) for co-curricular areas, A+, A, B, C, D (5 poin scale). 
  14. CGPA will be calculated by taking Arithematic average of grade points. 
  15. With regarding to X class Public Examination Every child should obtained 35marks in each subject to pass the Public Examination and one should obtained 23marks in the written examination 
  16. In the case of second language i.e Hindi the pass mark is 20 to pass the Public Examination and one should obtained l6marks in the written examination.(as amended through G.O-41).


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