Tuesday 16 February 2016

AP GO.NO:34 Parallel Degree Employability Programme for Degree Students.

AP GO.NO:34 Parallel Degree Employability Programme for Degree Students.
AP GO.NO:34 Higher Education – Parallel Degree Employability Programme for Degree Students - MOU with TISS – Constitution of Steering Committee – Orders – Issued.

G.O.RT.No. 34 Dated: 16-02-2016

 Read :MOU between TISS & GOAP, dt.05-09-2015.

O R D E R:

1.The Government of Andhra Pradesh has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with TATA Institute of Social Sciences, for strategic collaboration in the fields of strategic planning; training & capacity building; develop research & documentation and knowledge management. The said MOU is effective from 05-09-2015 and the partnership will last for three years. In terms of the MOU a Steering Committee has to be constituted for over all guidance and necessary approvals to effectively implement interventions as part of the partnership and review its project goals and deliverables. The Steering Committee comprises representatives from Government of Andhra Pradesh, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and other eminent persons in the partnership.

2. In order to realise the above objectives and goals, the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby order constitution of the Steering Committee with the following members.

  1. Special Chief Secretary to Govt., Planning Department ... Chairman
  2. Secretary to Govt., Higher Education Department ... Convener
  3. Secretary to Govt., Skill Dev. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Department ... Member
  4. Commissioner of Technical & Collegiate Education ... Member
  5. Advisor to Govt., AP State Skill Development  Corporation ... Member
  6. Vice Chancellor, Rayalaseema University ... Member
  7. Vice Chancellor, Vikram Simhapuri University, Nellore ... Member
  8. Joint Secretary to Government, Higher Education & State Project Director, RUSA ... Member
  9. Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences , Mumbai .. Member
  10. Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, National CSR Hub, Mumbai ... Member
  11. Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad ... Member
  12. Chairperson, School of Vocational Education,  Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad ... Member.

3. The Steering Committee shall meet at least once every month to review the progress of the partnership against the results, indicators and approve the quarterly outlook of activities/budgets. The Steering Committee will sort out the impediments to ensure smooth implementation of the partnership.




Minutes of the Review Meeting regarding TISS-MoU on 08-01-2016

1.A review meeting was held on T.I.S.S.–MoU (Andhra Pradesh Parallel Degree Employability Programme for Degree Students) at Cyber Ganga Hall, L B lock, 5th floor, A.P. Secretariat on 08-01-2016 at 4.00 PM.

2. The following members have attended and took part in the discussions:

3. The minutes of the meeting are as follows: Agenda Item -1 ( Introduction ):

  1. • Sri.S.P.Tucker, Special Chief Secretary to Govt. asked to reach out the target group from 30,000 to all students in Higher Education and create as many groups as possible in every college to enterprise more and to introduce short term courses like 3-day / 10-day programmes. Further, he advised to make arrangements for utilizing the available software & knowledge from TISS to other students. Agenda Item -2 (TOTs / Present Status/ Action taken):
  2. • The Special Chief Secretary reviewed the action points taken in so far and keeping in view requirements of students in Higher Education, he asked to find out the possible number of courses to be introduced,

  • to provide information about such skill development programmes to the students in the colleges well in advance,
  • to introduce online courses in collaboration with various institutions like APSSDC, ISB, IIM, TISS-Hyderabad; TISS-Mumbai; and also
  • to include collaboration with private universities,
  • to locate more number of reputed consultants to monitor the programmes,
  • finally, to make use of the services of educated and enthusiastic civil society members as resource persons.Agenda Item - 3 (Budget Estimations):

  1. • After reviewing the financial proposals submitted by TISS in implementing the training programme, the Special Chief Secretary advised to consult Sri Sanjay Gupta, who is already engaged in social sector and experienced in handling the same situation to finalize the budget. (Action: CCE) Agenda Item- 4 (Starting of the Student Certificate Training Programme) :
  2. • After reviewing the performances of present JKCs in the Colleges, Special Chief Secretary, suggested to strengthen the existing JKC system by involving more number of students. Further he suggested to utilize the services of existing English Language teachers of the Department (trained by ELF from US state dept.) as the trainers for other trainees/ lecturers in communication and soft skills. Agenda Item - 5 (CSR / Tapping of Funds / Status):
  3. • After reviewing the CSR summit held on 8th Dec 2015, the Special Chief Secretary advised to prepare a Detailed Project Report on the JKC-TISS activity for coming three years including its expansion. The budget estimate may be prepared for Rs. 100 Crs. for three years and submit to the Planning department for approval. (Action : CCE) Agenda Item - 6 (Timeline and Action Plan 2016-19) :
  4. • The Special Chief Secretary asked to have different kinds of programmes on soft skills keeping in view the requirement of students who may suffer low self esteem and to prepare detailed Project Report.

4. Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department in her concluding remarks suggested the following:

  1. • To go for more number of online courses.
  2. • To have more number of groups in existing JKCs
  3. • To have proper mentor structure
  4. • To involve more number of academicians and others
  5. • To prepare a report with proper guidelines on the proposed Progammes
  6. • To bring in the resources which are not included earlier
  7. • To link the project Bhodi to AP Knowledge Mission website.
  8. • To form a committee with the following members for preparation of Project Report:

  1. 1. Dr. R. David Kumar, AGO, O/o CCE, Dr. G. Srinivas, Academic Officer, O/o CCE, AP., Hyderabad.
  2. 2. Dr. P. Anil Kumar, Academic Officer, O/o Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  3. 3. Mrs. Vimala Rodhe, Academic Officer, O/o Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  4. 4. Dr. S. Sharwani, Academic Officer, O/o Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  5. 5. Sri G.D. Rajender, Academic Officer, O/o Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  6. 6. Sri S.P. Srikanth, Deputy Director, O/o Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  7. 7. Sri GMC Kesav Rao, Deputy Director, O/o Commissioner of Collegiate Education.
  8. 8. Prof. Valli Kumari, Department of Computer Science, Andhra University. Consultants:
  9. 9. Miss Aparna, Consultant, Department of Planning.
  10. 10. Miss Prachi, Consultant, Higher Education Department.
  11. 11. Miss Rana, Consultant, Higher Education Department.




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