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AP Rc.No:100 BADIKOSTA Providing Bicycles to the students of Class IX

AP BADIKOSTA Providing Bicycles to the students studying of Class IX Instructions issued as per R.c.No:100, AP BADIKOSTA Providing Bicycles in school students studying 9th class students in all Managements Govt./ Aided/ ZP/Municipal/Model Schools as per Rc.No:100
AP School Education  BADIKOSTAVAM Providing Bicycles to the students studying of Class.IX, studying in Govt./ Aided/ ZP/Municipal/Model Schools as perRC.NO:100

AP Rc.No:100 BADIKOSTA Providing Bicycles to the students of Class IX 

AP School Education - BADIKOSTA - Providing Bicycles to the students studying of Class.IX, studying in Govt./ Aided/ ZP/Municipal/Model Schools - Work allotted to bidders - Distribution of bicycles to the students - Guidelines issued - Regarding.


  1. G.O.Ms.No.56, School Education, dated:23-07-2016
  2. Govt. Memo.No.442523/Prog.ll/ Al/2017, Dated:01-02-2017.

The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference cited and they are informed that Government have introduced the Scheme 'Badikosta' with an objective to mini mised dropout rate mand to increase enrolment especially among girl students. Under this scheme it is proposed to supply bicycles to girl students of Class IX in High Schools. In the GO 2nd cited Government have accorded permission for supply of bicycles to the girl students of Class.IX, studying in the schools under the Government/ Zilla Parishad/ Municipal/ Aided/Model managements.

The Tender notification was issued on 01-10-2016. After the Tender evaluation the work order was issued to three bidders. The details of bidders to whom the work orders was placed and specific districts allotted for supply of bicycles are as follows:

Note: the figure 1s subJect to mmor vanation depending on the actual field level requirements

They are, further, informed that as per work order supply of bicycles shall be done by the bidder up to the school points and to hand them over to the girl students. The vendor has to suabvrsthh bicycles to each and every "Y,wpegatea student within the time, sti A separate Mobile Application with name "Badikosta- is prepared and made available in the Google play store. The application must be downloaded into the tablets/ mobiles of the school/ Head Master and used for uploading the
data relating to delivery of bicycles to individual student every day by the HM/PET.

The Guidelines and requested to take necessary action on the following:

Provide accommodation of about 400 sq ft ( or two rooms) in any High School/ Junior College/ Private School of the Mandal headquarters or nearby school-cluster point for assemb*ling the bicycles before taking delivery.

The details Of Mandal-wise number Of bicycles to be supplied are appended herewith. It is the responsibility of the bidder/ supplier to supply the bicycle up to the school point.

Required number of qualified bicycle technicians, available in the district, shall be hired for verification of the technical specifications as per tender document and certify the bicycles.

The supply shall be made in batches of 1000 bicycles each. The batch number shall be engraved on the metal frame Of the bicycles for identification. The bidder has to provide sample bicycle to the District Educational Officer from each batch for technical verification.

The sample of bicycle, so provided by the bidder, shall be evaluated/ verified at the Mandal supply point. In the event of the samples of Bicycles supplied failing the quality tests or found to be not as per the prescribed specifications, the entire batch of 1000 bicycles shall be rejected.

The technical verification details shall be uploaded in the app immediately after completion Of the exercise.

Make the Head Master and the Physical Education Teacher of the School responsible for receipt Of bicycles from the supplier as per requirement and certify the receipt Of the bicycles through the app. The HM/PET has to Further, Ensure that the bicycles, supplied to the students, are completely fitted with all accessories (copy provided) Note down the batch number of the bicycles supplied to the
students. Ensure that the colour of the bicycle must be maroon. The finger print of the student, details of the student and photo graph of the student with bicycle shall be uploaded through mobile app confirming the receipt of the bicycle. the District Educational Officers are further requested to co-
ordinate with the vendors/ supplier, Head Masters/ PETs and ensure that the bicycles are supplied to all the beneficiaries and day-to-day details Of supply shall be provided to CSE.

The details of the peyom,merere sentatives of the bidders, responsible for supply of bicycles in the districts are provided herewith for information and co- ordination.The Regional Joint Directors of School Education are requested to closely monitor the supply of bicycles. 


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