Monday 20 February 2017

AP Rc.No:443 Guidelines of SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017

AP Rc.No:443 SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017 (Science Day) Implementation of calendar Activities Guidelines, AP Srujanotsavam - 2017 conduct of science day celebrations and competitions Guidelines as per Rc.No:443 Dated;13/02/2017, AP Implementation of calendar Activities Guidelines Rc.No:443 Srujanotsavam Guidelines, AP Guidelines of SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017 Rc.No:443.

AP Rc.No:443 Guidelines of SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017 

AP SCERT Amaravathi Implementation of calendar Activities Srujanotsavam - 2017 conduct of science day celebrations and competitions Guidelines Instructions.

AP Rc.No:443/B2/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated:13-02-2017.


  1. Procedings of the Commissioner of School Education R.C.No:36 dated:7-2-2015.
  2. Proceedings of the Director SCERT Rc.No:443 Dated:5-3-2015.

All The DEOs in the State are hereby informed that SCERT AP has developed Acadamic calender for the year 2016-2017 in which SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017 (SCIENCE DAY) is one of the activities proposed in the month of February-2017 .In this connection Deportment of School education is Decided to conduct SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017 (SCIENCE DAY) a creative festival related to promoting scientific attitude among Teachers and Students.It is decided to conduct seminar for physical science Teachers and Biological Science Teachers separately Essay writing, Elocution, Drawing Competitions will be conduct at school , Mandal, Division and District levels for Students studying class VI th to X th in all managements.

In this connection all the DEOs are informed to communicate guidelines and action plan related to SRUJANOTSAVAM-2017 (SCIENCE DAY) to all the School irrespective of managements Further you are requested issue instruction to Dy;EOs and MEOs to implement this event at school ,mandal,division and district levels A detailed guidelines and action plan are annexed for vide publicity arrangepress conference and explain the details to print and electronic media.The estimate budget Rs, 50,000/- per district may be released to each district for conduct of said programme shortly to your respective accounts.


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