Thursday 1 March 2018

AP Implementation of 3500 schools Virtual Classrooms certain instructions as per Rc.No:114.

AP Implementation of Virtual Classrooms phase-1 out of 3500 schools 1216 schools were identified in the state certain instructions issued as per Rc.No.114/IT-Cell IPMUI/2017 Dated: 26/02/2018.
AP School Education  IT Cell Implementation of Virtual Classrooms in the state certain instructions issued as per  Rc.No.114/IT-Cell IPMUI/2017 Dated: 26/02/2018.

  1. Honourable Chief Minister Review meeting held on 07/11/2017.
  2. Letter addressed to the managing Director, APSFL on 30/11/2017.
  3. Letter No. APSFL 14036(81)/1/2017 PM-VCR-APSFL, Dated on 08/12/2017. 

All the Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Officers in the state are invited to the reference cited above wherein the Honorable Chief Minister desires to provide Virtual Classrooms facility for all the High schools in the state. A team from APSFL/Gumbi/Trigyn may visit to the proposed schools for implementing Virtual Classrooms. Keeping in view of the above In phase-1 out of 3500 schools 1216 schools were identified across the state which are to be covered under Virtual classrooms project by 31st March.

All the DEO's are instructed to give necessary instructions to the concerned Head masters for completing preparatory civil works in the identified schools. Following are the preparatory civil, electrical and other arrangements to be made at schools and the expenditure can be met from available RMSA funds of the schools.

  • Grounding facility 
  • Windows 
  • preferably wooden, curtains(preferred) Doors - preferably wooden with locking facility 
  • Floors
  • preferably tiles or PCC flooring with no water leakage from outside
  • Room ceiling - RCC Is recommended, shouldn't have any seepage problem
  • Walls - painting to be done inside classroom Benches -shall have a seating capacity of at least 40 students 
  • Lights & fans - should be available (working cond.) 
  • Blackboard wall - strong, plane, made of bricks for mounting projectors 
  • Power supply - 24/7 clean supply 
  • Plug Point - should be there near blackboard wall 
  • Internet router - to he placed inside classroom Treat this as most urgent.


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