Sunday 11 July 2021

CPS PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL కి సంబంధించి లేటెస్ట్ సర్కులర్

CPS PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL కి సంబంధించి లేటెస్ట్ సర్కులర్ సెల్ఫ్ డిక్లరేషన్ తో కూడిన CPS పాక్షిక ఉపసంహరణ నూతన దరఖాస్తు..601 PW వెర్షన్ 1.1

CPS PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL కి సంబంధించి లేటెస్ట్ సర్కులర్  సెల్ఫ్ డిక్లరేషన్ తో కూడిన CPS పాక్షిక ఉపసంహరణ నూతన దరఖాస్తు..601 PW వెర్షన్ 1.1

CPS PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL కి సంబంధించి లేటెస్ట్ సర్కులర్

DOCUMENTS ఏమి అవసరం లేకుండా సెల్ఫ్ డిక్లరేషన్ ద్వారా అమౌంట్ విత్ డ్రా చేయవచ్చు అని సారాంశం

సర్కులర్ లోని పాయింట్ 6 ప్రకారం STO ఆఫీస్ కి withdrawal కి సంబంధించిన సపోర్టింగ్ డాక్యుమెంట్ సబ్మిట్ చేయకుండా సెల్ఫ్ డిక్లరేషన్ మరియు బ్యాంక్ ఫ్రూఫ్ ఇచ్చి కూడా ప్రాసెస్ చేయించుకోవచ్చు అని ఇచ్చారు.

NSDL ని ఇదే సందేహం అడిగితే వారు పంపిన SOP లో కూడా డాకుమెంట్స్ లేకుండా WITHDRAWAL FORM మరియు BANK PROOF ఉంటే చాలు వాటినే CRA కి పంపితే సరిపోతుంది అని పేర్కొన్నారు

కానీ STO కార్యాలయాల్లో మాకు DTA నుండి ఆ విధంగా ACCEPT చేయమని ఆదేశాలు లేవు కాబట్టి ఆయా DOCUMENTS అన్ని కావాల్సిందే అని అడుగుతున్నారు

(Under Regulation 8 of PFRDA (Exits & Withdrawals under NPS) Regulations 2015 and amendments thereto) Instructions

Withdrawals under NPS PFRDA Instructions for filling up the form:

1.All fields marked with * are mandatory. All dates should be in DDMMYYYY format.

2.The Subscriber shall submit the application to the respective Nodal Office/POP /Aggregator for processing of request.

3. No supporting documents (w.r.t. stated withdrawal reason) are required to be submitted by the Subscriber for availing Partial Withdrawal. 

The Subscriber is required to accept the ‘’Self-declaration’’ for Partial Withdrawal which is provided on Page 2 under section - Declaration by the Subscriber.

4.Before submitting the withdrawal form, subscriber should ensure that the bank account details are matched from the bank passbook/ bank statement or cheque etc to ensure that the details are correct. Subscriber should also attach the bank proof (cancelled cheque/copy of bank passbook/bank certificate) with the Partial Withdrawal Form submitted.

5.The Nodal officer/POP/Aggregator must verify the details of the bank account of subscriber. If the Bank Account details given in the application are different from the Bank Account details registered in CRA system, then partial withdrawal request shall be rejected by Nodal Officer/POP/Aggregator.

6. Withdrawal amount received after the execution of the withdrawal request can be different from the requested amount to the extent of difference in NAV of two different days.

7.The withdrawal amount shall directly be credited to the bank account of the subscriber as mentioned in the withdrawal form.

8.Subscriber should specify the purpose of Partial Withdrawal.

9.Subscriber should be in the NPS atleast for a period of 3 years.

A subscriber shall be permitted to withdraw not exceeding 25% of the contributions made by such subscriber to his/her individual pension account,

10. In case, the subscriber already owns either individually or in the joint name a residential house or flat, other than ancestral property, no withdrawal under PFRDA regulations is permitted.

11. Treatment of specific illness covers the subscriber, his legally wedded spouse, children, including a legally adopted child or dependent parents suffer from the specified illness, which shall comprise of hospitalization and treatment.

12. Withdrawal under skill development/re-skilling is applicable as per following conditions:

Skill Development program/activities sponsored by employer for employees is not eligible for partial withdrawal Amount which can be released under Skill Development option shall be subject to the actual fee of the course/training, subject to the maximum ceiling of 25% of employees own contribution without considering returns thereto.Duration of the course should be of 3 months or more

The course should be either a regular program or distance education program or a skill development program

13. Withdrawal under establishment of own venture or any start up is applicable to subscribers registered under All India Citizen (UOS) sector only.

14. For further details regarding point no 12 & 13 kindly refer PFRDA Circular No: PFRDA /2018/55/Exit/5 dated August 06, 2018.

15. The permitted withdrawal shall be allowed only if the eligibility criteria and limit for availing the benefit are complied with by the subscriber.

16. Frequency: the subscriber shall be allowed to withdraw only a maximum of three times during the entire tenure of subscription under the National Pension System.

17. For more detailed description of Partial Withdrawal option under NPS, please refer Regulation 8 of PFRDA (Exits & Withdrawals under NPS) Regulations 2015 and amendments thereto.

18. The Nodal Office/POP/Aggregator shall capture/verify and authorise Partial Withdrawal request in CRA system ( Subsequently, Nodal Office /POP/Aggregator shall forward the Partial Withdrawal Form to NPS Claim Processing Cell (NPS CPC) at address mentioned 

Get Download Partial Withdrawals form click here


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